Thursday, June 7, 2012

A post about peeing.

I think it was around 2:30 this afternoon that I got the inkling. You know the one. The inkling for a tinkling. (I just made that up. You're welcome.) What I'm trying to say is, I had to pee. But 3:00 is prime work time. C is napping. I'm in work mode, screens are up and running, diet coke in my lap, ear phones in, music playing, progress is happening. Now is the not the time for a pee break. Pee breaks require pulling myself away from work and then usually entail me checking instagram and then accidentally reading a book on the kindle from my iPhone and 45 minutes later I'm still sitting on the toilet and I've waste prime work time.

So I push through. No peeing for me.

I work.

Eventually C wakes up.

She needs consoling because we all know how hard it is to wake up from a three hour nap. Poor, poor almost two year old.

Then B and I need to discuss how our days went

Dinner needs made.

Dinner needs eaten.

C needs force fed.

The house is a disaster. I run from room to room, shoving toys away, picking up laundry, washing breakfast dishes.

My sister calls.

My mom calls.

All the while the need to pee persists.

You know what time I finally made it to the potty? 7:30 PM. Roughly 5 hours later. I noted the time and laughed a little to myself because this is a NORMAL occurrence in my life.

You hear stories such as this before you are a mother. But you don't really take them seriously. But it's true! It's all true!

Hi, my name is A and I am a mother and I don't have time to pee anymore.

It feels good to get this off my chest.


bets said...

amen, sister. i actually think i've damaged my bladder by "holding it" way too often, especially when the bambino is sleeping. those hours are precious! nothing is worth interrupting that time, especially if that time is occupied by sleeping myself.

kalie said...

Good grief! That is exactly how it was when I worked full time. I would go 10 hours without going to the bathroom and walk in the door ... And dance and jiggle all the way to the toilet. Kevin tells me this is really bad for you. As are most of my health habits.

I'm so glad your blog is back.

Ty and Meg said...

HA! I love this because I do that all the time. Tyler is always confused by why I whine about having to pee so bad but refusing to go. Funnies.

Barb said...

I do this, too! Do guys do this? I'm guessing not. When I was 9 months pregnant and working, I used to "reward" myself with bathroom breaks. "Respond to two more emails and then you can go the bathroom." Seems kind of wrong. (Although, I was super unmotivated and lazy by then, so I needed some sort of motivational tactic.)

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