Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Really ABC?


Since when do you care what someones motivation is for being on the show??? Because I'm pretty SURE about 90% of the contestants, and let's be honest, they are contestants, on this show are here for a million reasons OTHER than to fall in love. Whether those reasons are furthering a music career, furthering a modeling career, furthering an acting career, trying to make money to help out with their single-parent situation, to pay medical bills for their dying father, etc, etc, etc,...this show has NEVER cared one IOTA about someones motivation for being on this completely scripted, ridiculous, joke of a show.

So WHY would they call Kasey S. out for having a past relationship?!? If they are going to be kicking off people who have had past relationships (or even current relationships) then I guess they better just send everyone home right now. Dumbest. Show. Ever.
And of course, in true Ben fashion, he was a total, Total, TOTAL brain-dead, emotionless, DICK WAD to her. "I don't sugar coat things...I think you should go home." Buh Bye! I'm dating a model! A MODEL!

The world that exists within The Bach/Ette show is so bizarre. And what is even more bizarre is that all these random people so completely buy into it. In what universe does someone have to display everything about themselves-what they like, what they LOVE, their best sides, their deepest secrets, the most personal parts about them, (their boobs, if you are Courtney)...all within a grand total of three group dates with some random stranger in order to make that stranger like them the most. And the things these girls have to tell about themselves is stuff you might not tell someone you have known for a year. It's like a job interview, but the job you are applying for is marriage...to someone you don't really know at all...who has been whoring it up with you and 10 other girls.  What a romantic, special way to start a relationship!

Which is why this is a show full of people who are not actually here for marriage or love...but to do and say whatever they have to in order to get the most air time and remain on the show for as long as possible. And anyone who is ACTUALLY on this show to find a husband clearly must have some serious emotional issues. 

Like this poor girl, who made a ridiculous fool of herself on national tv all for the sake of trying to get another rose. Yikes. "I feel like I could be just as wonderful to him as everybody else here. I need to show him that I'm sexy, that I'm a women, that I would be able to please him and make him happy." WTF?! If you have to prove yourself to someone by acting like a desperate skank in order for them to "keep" you...well, I'm not so sure that rose is really worth that.
And this show has officially turned me into a crotchety, old, lady. Perfect.

Maybe I need to lighten up? Should we talk about how positively GIDDY Chris Harrison is when he gets to stir up drama. "Kasey has left.. ... ... she was ... in love ... with another man! I...KNOW!" Oh Chris, calm down. You know he lives for those moments, those 3 precious moments of screen time that he is allowed each week.

Also, how GLORIOUS was it watching Courtney wait for Ben to show up in her room. And then he didn't. She was such a sad panda. I'm sure that whole thing was a set-up. However, it still made me happy. She is in desperate need of a boot to her greasy, blotchy face.

And have I mentioned that Ben is the biggest fug that ever fugged? Yes? Sorry, I just feel like my words can't do justice to the fug that is Ben.

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the Baker 4 said...

Andrea i agree with you 100%.... the sad thing is I really Like Casey B but i'm afraid she is going to get screwed and that is so sad cause she is actually a very nice girl...I loved that Ben didnt show up for Courtney....He really needs to see the real side of her.

Ty and Meg said...

You totally are a crotchety old lady. haha. Laughed out loud on that. Man I am so glad I am not watching this crappy show. You should cut yourself a break and take a season off. I feel healthier. And happier. ha.

Starr said...


The McBrides said...

oh my gosh, the whole time he was talking to poor Casey S, all I could think was "you are a grade A asshole" and "who do you think you are?!" seriously, he acts like he is royalty and that these girls are lucky to even have a chance to be with him. What a greasy slime ball

Marcus and Amy said...

I stopped watching this season 2 weeks ago, I was losing major interest. Plus I feel that I am all filled in by reading your posts. I will pick it back up with Emily's season, hopefully it will be better.

Michelle T-C said...

I have to talk to you soon. i have some thoughts.

Junaid Arshed said...