Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I should probably rename this blog A+Hoarders=Love

It's just so good you guys. So good.

Picture this...
Dr. Robin Zasio, licensed clinical psychologist, specialized in hoarding (basically I'm in love with her), forcing the hoarders family members to look at what said hoarder has been up to behind closed doors...
and with the most condescending frown/smile that just screams 'I'm so fake not-judging your disgusting life', says in this reverent yet incredibly superior tone of voice...

"she (the hoarder) has not had running water for a year and a half ... ... (dramatical pause) .. ..
and she has been using ... ... the restroom ... ...
without... ...
running water.

*innocent blinking from Dr. Zasio while hoarders family barfs and cries because they are related to somone who has been pooping in a dry toilet that doesn't flush for a year and a half.*


This is when I gleefully start laughing and clapping and pointing at my computer screen saying, "Take that hoarder! You're gross!"

So I'm not even sure what I'm talking about exactly. But I'm just going to go ahead and post this anyway.

But while I'm on the subject of clinical psychologist, Dr. Robin Zasio, I would LOOOVE to know her thoughts on this perfectly normal, perfectly healthy, NOT psychotic AT ALL, fake wedding situation:

With the stone cold dismissal of Kacie B. I think we can all agree that he's picking Courtney I'm-A-Model! Robertson yes? Match made in heaven right here:

Seriously though, they are a match made in heaven. He is an emotionless, feelingless, fug-faced cyborg and she is so fake that she can't even be real with her own weirdo, baby-voiced, 80-year-old (WTF?) mother.

And they both have a proportionate amount of grease on their faces. So I say, go for it Ben! You deserve each other.

P.S. Umm...eww pores.

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