Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Ours went off without a hitch.

We spent the morning watching Dinosaur Train. Nude. Of course.
{I wasn't nude. Clam down.}

This was right before C peed on the carpet {twice}. That happens more than I would care to admit.

Miss C and I ran errands which included having a girls lunch with some of our most favorites.

C found some chocolate covered raspberries. The rest of the day she was a sugar monster, screaming and freaking out wanting chocolate. Don't let those innocent eyes fool you.

 We had our traditional holiday photo shoot. I have an obsessive need to document. I may not give two shees about cooking fancy meals or deep cleaning my house on a regular basis. However, I do photo document. Yes I do.

This little person is running {RUNNING!} these days.

How grown up is this kid?!

I can hardly believe that a year ago she was my little baby girl...

But now she is truly a little kid. Sob! 

 Anyways...C occasionally humors me with the photo documenting, but after a while she is D.O.N.E. with the camera.

This is a warning look:

And this is what happens if I do not heed the warning look:

B and I had our Valentines date night on Friday...we saw a movie {with popcorn!} and went to a new Indian restaurant. Delicious. So tonight we decided to stay home. We had a great night. I made mini pizzas from here and Lion House Sarah Salad. I don't know who's idea it was to dump Mayo and Miracle Whip on lettuce but whoever they are...they are brilliant. 

We also had lots of visitors. This little girl sure is loved.

And I sure love my Valentines and I'm so glad that they are mine.

Now B is off rock climbing and I'm watching Hoarders while eating chocolate and drinking Diet Coke. Per.Fect.


Ty and Meg said...

You mean Per.FACT. Right?

Abdul Hamid said...

Nice pic
E News Online

bets said...

where does brandon go to rock climb? i want to go. but for reals.

Hi! I am Chelsea said...

That little tush is adorable!!! Love the 1 sock too. :)