Monday, January 23, 2012


Did Courtney have a stroke because I think the bottom half of her face is paralyzed. 

If I was on Ben's season and I was given a choice between...

a) date Ben (ew)
b) slap Courtney in her fugly, dead-lipped, super shiny face (mop up your T-zone Court) and then not get a rose

I would undoubtedly go with b.  and b. and b. and b again.  Courtney needs a beat down.

However, I sort of hate pointing this out because I know that is exactly what she is going for. Attention. Obviously.

I'm finding this season to not be any fun at all.  It's not even funny bad. Ben is epically unappealing. The girls are all sort of meh. Courtney makes me hate humans. And the one girl who should win (Kasey B) will not.  Which, if you ask me, is actually a win on her part because she deserves someone so much hotter, smarter, more funny, cooler and less greasy than Ben.  Someone who is basically not the least appealing man I have ever seen.  Someones whose hair doesn't smell like a dingy, unwashed, teenage boys pillowcase.

Seriously!  THIS is the guy who is starring on his own reality tv show where women fight over him?  THIS guy?!

So Ben has already made his decision.  And it's Courtney.  I'm not sure what a guy would find attractive about a grown women saying "I caught a fish" and "I can hold my glass highest!" and "Winning" and "Puerto Rico? I was there two months ago" in a full-on baby voice. But like we have discussed before...  SHE'S A MODEL!  I very greasy-faced model whose forehead shines like the top of the Chrysler Building. A model with a saggy, dead, lower lip. But a model none the less. Case closed.

I'm sad for Kasey B. though.  Because he won't pick her.  She's not a model.  And she would be awesome as the next Bachette. But Emily MaynardED has basically forced herself upon the show for next season.  So yay us, we are going to be subjected to more of her.
Ok. Fine. FINE! I admit it.  She's gorgeous. Obviously the most gorgeous person, like, ever. She might be a good Bachette. Ok, maybe the best Bachette, like, ever. Her clothes are always super cute. The cutest clothes ever really. Frick. I'm totally watching.


Sarah said...

Ha. You are hilarious. I did a lot of fast forwarding, I am just bored with it. I did love the Utah scenery though, beautiful!

Marcus and Amy said...

Agree. About it all.
Courtney makes me want to vomit and her voice sucks, like nails on a chalkboard. Hope they are happy together. I bet they are already broken up - that would make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I want to love the show, because I LOVE the show. But I don't love it. It's awful and boring and the girls are dumb and Ben is blah. So sad. We need some fresh meat for crying out loud!!

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