Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I hate Ben.

There is usually some redeeming factor about each season of The Bach/ette, no matter how small.  Sometimes the Bachelor/Bachette is attractive. Sometimes the contestants are so crayzay that it's funny. Sometimes you generally just want to watch a superficial, fake, love-story unfold. Sometimes you just need something to watch on a Monday night.

Sadly, none of these reasons really apply to this season. I am extremely interested (truly!) to know if there is anyone out there enjoying this season.  Is there anyone? Anyone? Hello? At this point I'm even wondering if anyone is actually watching.

I admit, I do "watch" but I have zero interest. It's sort of background noise at this point. And I'll tell you why...

Ben is unattractive and unappealing.  However, I can live with unattractive. Usually people have more to them than just looks. If he was funny or smart or even kind I might be on board. However, Ben is not only an ugly, greasy little cave man but he is also completely personality-less. For instance...have you ever heard even ONE funny thing come out of his mouth? Have you heard him say anything even REMOTELY intelligent or interesting? At all. I haven't. Have you seen him be sweet or charming? I have not.

I was actually disgusted with him last night on three different occasions.  One being when he didn't give that girl a rose during the one on one date. He could not have cared less about her crying. He just kicked her A to the curb. No kindness, no heartfelt goodbye, no apology for hurting her, NOTHING.

The second instance was when he went skinny dipping with the ho bag. Was he for real?! How disrespectful is he? If I was one of the other girls and I had found out about that I would have walked off the show.

The third instance being when the cute blond tried to tell him about Courtney. He shot her a hateful glance and basically told her to shut the H up. WHO DOES THAT to a darling girl that you barely know?! Wouldn't a normal person at least ACT concerned, or thank them for telling him or PRETEND to care at all? But nope. Ben is OBSESSED with that vapid, horrid, bizzo model and he could not care LESS about any of these other girls.

The show is completely centered around Courtney. It's almost as if there are no other girls there. It's all Courtney all the time. And I freaking hate Courtney. I can hardly watch her. I don't hate her like - haha what a nut! or hate her like-what a great villain for the show! (aka Michelle and Bently). I literally HATE her. She is a bad, bad person and she takes away any enjoyment that I might find watching by being the most ridiculous idiot that has ever graced this show. And that is saying a lot. I'm ashamed for women everywhere when I watch her. And I HATE watching all these girls fight over someone as lame as Ben. If they met him at a party or on the street they would not give him a second glance.

So yeah...this season sucks A. And it's really not fun to watch a countdown to the day where he proposes to that slut. All these other girls are just nobodies that he has to get rid of so he can have his model. Hate.

Is there anyone out there enjoying this season? Any part of it? At this point I'm seriously doubting it.


Sarah said...

I am not into it at all. Fast forwarded through most of it. It's so boring and Cdog really is the worst. Boring,

jen hulet said...

What also bothered me when he didn't give his date the rose, was that he picked up the rose, which usually means he's giving it out. Did you see her face...she smiled like she thought she had it. Also I HATE HATE HATE Courtney!!!!! Disgusting.

I'm A. said...

Yes Jen! Totally true. Ugh, HATE HIM!

naezandkidz said...

I think this season is major boring..we all know he will be picking courtney and they deserve each other or at least the 5 minutes they will last..:)

Jamilyn and Clark said...

And he made out with Jennifer and talked about how great and easy their conversations were, then booted her and kept Emily. What? He just thinks he doesn't have to act normal and like a gentleman because he's the Bachelor. And ya know what... It's true. These girls don't care, they think they love him no matter who he is. That's all.

Just the Hallams said...

I am watching. And I too find Ben boring, unattractive and did I mention boring. However I continue to watch, faithfully. Courtney is there for ratings and I do NOT think he'll pick her in the end. All I keep thinking about is when it goes to break/commercial they advertise that they're looking for men to date the next Bachelorette - Emily. And if they are just now trying to find the guys to date Emily and get that season going, how much effing longer am I going to have to wait for a decent Bachelor/ette season. GRRRRRRRR !!!!!
But YAY, I can't wait for next Monday night to see what unintelligent, uneventful and unattractive episode unfolds with BEN =)

Cami Daniels said...

I can't even watch this season, its so stupid. Hopefully Emily's season is better. At least I will be able to understand why guys are interested in her because I don't get why the girls are into Ben.

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