Monday, January 2, 2012

Here we go again

The holidays are about family and love and giving and joy and togetherness and contemplation and serving others and rainbows and kittens. 

But also, the holidays are about eating crap, gaining 15 pounds, feeling bloated, fatigued and depressed at your lack of self control and dreading January 1 when you know you have to drag your lazy, fat butt out of bed to try to get back on track. 

Yay holidays.

Remember when we used to be Vegan?  Yeah, me too.  Do you capitalize Vegan in a sentence?  I'm not entirely sure.  I'm leaning towards no.  But I already started capitalizing it so I'm just going to keep at it.

Anyways, we used to be Vegan.  Then Thanksgiving happened.  And 45 parties in December happened.  And neighbor gifts made of sugar and chocolate appearing on our door step happened.  And New Years Eve happened. 

So now it's time to get back on track. 
I'm not starting Monday.  I still consider Monday a holiday.  When I have work off, it's a holiday dang it.  So we will be starting on Tuesday, January 3.  On Monday, January 2 we will be stuffing our faces at Red Iguana and then using up our gift card to Cold Stone.  We will then return home and throw out all of our delicious, sugary Christmas treats.  And as of's cleanse time my friends.  We are going to cleanse the shee out of this piece!  ??  !!

For the next 2 weeks we will only be eating raw.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  I was wanting to do some sort of cleanse.  But I wasn't sure how/what/where/when.  Then lo and behold, one of my fav vegan foodie blogs said they would be doing a raw cleanse and I decided to hop on board.  That blog can be found here.  It's awesome.  You should check it out.

The plan:

Eat raw for 2 weeks
Exercise very lightly
Then back to vegan/vegetarian
Exercise 3-4 days a week and build up to 6 days a week
Get skinny
Throw out all my clothes
Buy an entire brand new wardrobe from J.Crew because none of my old clothes fit
Get pregnant
Realize that all of this was for nothing

The meal plan for the first 3 days (I am only shopping for 3-5 days at a time so as not to waste produce):

B: Green shake
L: Green salad with Omar's Raw Dressing
D: Raw Tacos
S: Raw crackers and veggies with cilantro parsley dipping sauce and blackberry orange smoothie

B: Green shake
L: Lemon, pom and pine nut salad
D: Salad with Tahini-Lemon Dressing
S: Raw Almond Butter on banana slices

B: Green shake
L: Asparagus Cream Soup
D: Zucchini Pasta with Sweet Pepper Marinara
S: Pine Nut Cheese on tomatos

So there you have it blog world.  We are cleansing.  And I just told you all so I can't go back now.  But if any of you want to take pity on my soul I will gladly go to lunch or dinner with you to Omars Rawtopia at any time.  Call me!

Anyone want to cleanse along?  Let's do this!


The McBrides said...

yay! honestly, seeing your meals laid out over the next 3 days makes it seem not so overwhelming. What do you do for raw tacos? I am assuming vegies and torilllas?

I'm A. said...

The plan for raw tacos is veggies wrapped in more veggies. Yum. :) I forgot to put a link to that recipe. Here it is...

Ty and Meg said...

Ew. No thanks. That sounds horrible. Just eat healthy yo. You need to move to Portland if you are going to be vegan. But seriously I am impressed. Start working towards that half marathon!

I'm A. said...

Have you considered the possibility that eating raw IS eating healthy?

The McBrides said...

no. both of you are going about this ALL WRONG. Megan- you move back to Utah. Andrea- you move back to eating like a normal person. and you BOTH meet me at Shivers pronto.

I'm A. said...

Ok. That's a deal. Seriously.

Plus, I'm only human. You can't expect me to give up Shivers. I think I need a Diet Coke like now. I have about 2 hours left before this cleanse starts. Ugh.

Barb said...

Way to go! You can do it. I am trying to get back on the health bandwagon this year, too. I am not attempting veganism, though, because I am not hardcore like you.

Traci said...

Hey - I hope you don't mind I came across your blog while googling all things "Bachelor". I kept reading and have read about your vegan posts.

I am a weight loss coach and sought my education in this field after having lost and gained weight many times (I have now kept it off for years).

I know you didn't ask my opinion, but I feel compelled to share it with you anyway. It is apparent that you love food, especially rich and salty foods. So trying to become a Vegan, you are really just setting yourself up to fail.

From what you are saying in your posts about Vegan-ism, it appears that one of your main goals is to lose weight with secondary goals of being more healthy and joining a social group of other Vegans.

While Vegan-ism can be a healthy lifestyle, I really don't think it is going to happen for you. You will continue to crash and burn if you approach it the way you are doing.

My suggestion to meet your goals is to first get your eating and cravings under control, you can try moving onto Vegan-ism after you get yourself under control.

I would suggest you first join Weight Watchers. I only suggest this because I have seen it work time and time again. The program allows you to eat whatever you want, but helps you understand how to modify your proportions. It really helps you RE-LEARN how to eat. You can just do this online, but I would suggest going to the weekly meetings for awhile too as new goals are better accomplished when you have accountability for them.

I don't work for Weight Watchers or anything, but having used it myself I can tell you it is a great tool at helping you re-learn to eat as it teaches you to focus on portion control and eating foods that are filling and eating when you are hungry.

Don't expect it to work overnight. But if you stick to you it you will notice a huge change in your life and your weight. You can still go to a Christmas party and eat what you want, but you will eat in moderation and you will realize the signals of full-ness before you eat yourself sick. You will go to restaurants but you will put a portion of your food in a to-go box for later instead of eating the whole thing. And it won't bother you because you will be in control and also your stomach will have shrunk and you wouldn't want all that food anyway.

After you get your cravings under control and re-learn how to eat, then you can take a stab at Vegan-ism, but you will only succeed if you and your family really want it. And I would suggest doing it by taking baby steps, maybe even trying vegetarian-ism first or just trying one or two vegan meals per week until you get more comfortable with it.

I wish you the best in your journey and thank you for your delightful blog.

Traci Reese, Madison, WI

Ty and Meg said...

Ha! Whit I like your suggestion best. Good plan.

I'm A. said...


Thanks for your comment. I just had to laugh after reading it because my husband and I had almost this exact conversation (with less knowledge and expertise) last night.

Also, you sound just like my mother (in a good way). In fact, is this my mother? She has been trying to convert me to Weight Watchers forever.

I just wanted to say that I had a sort of epiphany after reading your comment. You are absolutely right. I enjoy food. And to be honest, Vegan food makes me gag. I truly believe that some people enjoy that type of food, but I am not one of those people.

I am going to strongly consider Weight Watchers. And in the mean time, we are going shopping for some real people food...grilled chicken, steamed veggies...stuff like that. :)

Thanks for your input.


Anonymous said...

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