Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some stuff we did in December

December is a magical time.  A magical time when you run around like a crazy person trying to get all the shee on your list, fighting people for parking spots at Harmons and racing to family functions every night of the week all while freezing your A off and hauling a 1-year-old in and out of their car seat 25 times a day.  It's the most wonderful time of the year after all.  

But now it's already over and I feel seriously sad.  

Our December was JAM packed.   

Let's take a look.

Pretend like I'm wearing makeup in this picture.  Also pretend like my hair is done.  And pretend like I'm not wearing my pajamas. Pretend like I have it together and it's not actually noon when this photo was taken. 
We took the obligatory trip downtown to see the lights at Temple Square.  We went with both of our families and we had a lot of fun.  For 5 minutes.  While C was warm and snugly in her stroller.

Look at all this warm, snugly fun we were having...
However, like I said, after 5 minutes C decided that warm and snugly really wasn't her cup of tea.  I mean, really, who in their right mind would want to be pushed around in a comfy seat, wrapped in blankets, while enjoying the gorgeous lights at Temple Square?  Definitely not me.  Eww. 

She HAD to get out and explore.  1 year olds!
Exploring led to her trying to dive head first into the freezing water fountains.  So of course we restrained her.  MAJOR drama-queen melt-downs ensued.  And I do mean major.  So we packed it up and headed for some hot cocoa at home. 

However, before we left I managed to snap a few really bad night photos of Temple Square.  We have all seen everyone's crappy attempts at trying to do those lights justice in photograph form.  Here is my sad attempt.  It's hard taking pictures at night you guys! 

We also attended B's fam's Christmas party on his mom's side.  We made gingerbread houses and had homemade pizza for dinner.  This was a legit party. 

I think our gingerbread house turned out pretty rad if you ask me. 
Babies make every party 10x more awesome.  Unless you don't actually enjoy chasing them around a church for two hours while they climb stairs and try to jump off the stage.  Also, they try to eat the candy off your gingerbread house. And spit food all over the place.  And they roll around on the gymnasium floor in their brand new Christmas outfit.  If you don't enjoy those things then babies make every party 10x less awesome.  You decide. 
Despite C's non-stop shenanigans and drama her G&G Mouritsen sure do love her.   She is pretty cute.  I'll give her that.

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