Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some other stuff we did in December according to my iPhone.

I went to the choir concert at the Cathedral of the Madeleine with my very amazing and beautiful friend Katrina.  Have you been?  It. Is. Incredible.  I was reduced to tears in the first 3 minutes.  No joke.  I would love to make this a yearly tradition from now on.  It was by far the most beautiful, spiritual, and lovely moment of my entire Christmas season.  Who wants to go with me next year?

For our family night out with B's fam we went to Cinegrill and saw Voice Male(?) Mail(?) downtown at Abravenel Hall.  Cinegrill is one of my top 5 favorite places to eat.  And Voice Male(?) Mail(?) was lots of fun.  C stayed home with my parents which made the whole night feel a little bit like a mini-vacation.  I do love that C girl but sometimes you just need a little 1-year-old break.

After the concert we got to walk through Temple Square again, this time sans baby.

Also noteworthy, B's parents have this dancing, singing Santa.  C would play it almost the ENTIRE time we were at their house for the entire month of December.  I will very much enjoy the next 11 months of not having to listen to that Santa.  I know B's family agrees. 

Santa did stop by our house on Christmas Eve after C went to bed. 
(Yes, half of the lights on our tree are out.  No, we don't have any plans to fix them.  It just seems like a lot of work, which is not really my thing.)

If you take a picture of only the bottom half of the tree it looks perfect!

B and I just couldn't wait to open our presents.  So we didn't.  We opened them all on Christmas Eve.

B gave me these awesome florescent running shoes.  I love them.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to wear running shoes more often.  Not to run in them.  Just to wear them.

Speaking of shoes, B's mom gave me these.  L.O.V.E.

Speaking of L.O.V.E. C got this Rock N Roll Elmo from her Uncle Daniel.

C also got this little chair from Santa.  This picture sort of kills me with it's cuteness.

Here is a shot of us trying to wake C up on Christmas morning.  She wasn't into it.  On the one morning when we would love for her to get up early, she won't.  Babies!

This big mess of opened Christmas gifts signifies that Christmas is over.  Frowny face. 

But don't despair!  'Official' photos of our Christmas celebration are coming up.  We can all relive the magic together.  Yay!  Yay?


Katrina said...

Dude, you got the same red mocs as me!

And I will definitely be going to the Carol service again next year. Thanks again for coming with me!

Ty and Meg said...

I want all the pics that I am in Sarser. Kidding. So glad I could be home with you.

Anonymous said...

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