Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Grandma.

A few weeks back my family on my dad's side got together to decorate my Grandma's Christmas tree.  This will be her first Christmas without my Grandpa so my cousin thought it would be nice if everyone brought an ornament that reminded them of a memory that they had of my Grandparents.

The whole family showed up which was awesome.  We almost never are all together.

One by one we went up, told our memory to my Grandmother and then lovingly hung our ornament on the tree.

Touching, right?

I know.

As soon as the last ornament was hung my Grandma said, "So when are we decorating the tree???"


Since then, my Grandma has, MULTIPLE TIMES, all by herself, removed every ornament from the tree and piled them in a corner, disassembled the ENTIRE tree and placed it in pieces in the dining room and moved all of her furniture back to the appropriate places.  Because, "Christmas is over!"


The poor people in the basement get to redecorate the same tree four times a week.

Merry Christmas to all!  Even the cwaazy ones.

A few shots from the original tree decorating night:
 All of the great grandkids.
 All of the grandkids and spouses minus my brother and my sister.
 All of the kids and spouses minus my Uncle Jim who passed away a few years ago.
The whole gang.


Ty and Meg said...


That is all I am saying about all of this.

You should photoshop me into these pictures...maybe just my face up in the corner or something? OR! Put me on the tree like an ornament! OR! the star! Do it. That would be awesome.

kalie said...

Your poor Grma. And poor Liz.

naezandkidz said...

oh my gosh...I was crying laughing as I read this....Oh how I love that women!!

Trav and Lizzie said...

Oh my.
One day, I'm gonna look back and say, "that was so freakin funny!"

Today, after moving furniture and decorating that da** tree for the 5th time, I'm cross-eyed and bald cause I've ripped my hair out.

But hearing you tell this story makes me giggle.
What a funny little life we have down here in the basement.