Sunday, December 11, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump Time

We had a great November that included...
Breaking out our owl hat that finally fits this year!

Lot's of Shiver's trips
I have a baby old enough to sit in the Shiver's train? 
 Going out to breakfast on Saturday mornings
 Getting Iceburg shakes even though it's freeeezing outside
 Playdates with our baby girl friends
H, M, C and F
Wearing our new boots
 Realizing that our child will never again take a nap without the pre-nap car ride
But knowing that the pre-nap car ride is what saves us from no-nap meltdowns
Cheering on BYU
Her father's influence, apparently, is much greater than mine in this area.
Getting bangs, again
Breaking news, I know.
Cooking lots and lots of food for Thanksgiving
Caramel Apple Cider Vinegar
Carmelized onion, garlic and goat cheese dip
Parmesan-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates
 And my fav, shrimp dip
 Lots of late night movies in front of our fire
 Spending time enoying my parent's INSANE amount of Christmas decorations
 Getting the stomach flu
Then passing it to my dad and youngest brother and Chelsie
Then passing to my mom and other brother
Then being healed by Barb's essential oils.  Amazing.
Learning to brush our teeth
Breaking out the sweat pants 
Debating wether red lips are super cute in real life
 Or only in perfect blog lala land
 Fun date nights with the hubs
 Lots of baths to warm up our frozen toesies
Being a bit wary of the blow dryer
Feeling very excited that our hair is long enough to do this
Eating out lots and lots
This girl loves to dip chips in salsa
Getting holiday pedis with my mom
Still struggling with church time and nap time colliding
 Giving lots of kisses
Wishing it wasn't so cold outside
Even when the sun is out
And just in general loving this girl to bits and bits


Ty and Meg said...

Now that is more like it. I love every single one of these pictures. I cannot wait to come home and play with all of you. I am sad I missed Holiday pedis. And I can't wait to see mom and dads crazy Christmas house. I love their crazy Christmas house. And I love your bangs and red lips. I think I am going to go back to bangs too. Big decisions in life.

kalie said...

Wait! Are those the bangs you had pinned up on Tuesday? They are so cute. You look so cute with bangs. I hope you will share you cider and dip recipes! Also, I can't wait to see the Serendipity and quiche recipes on the blog.

You are so gorgeous. And I want Caroline's blue dress.

Nicole said...

Your little girl is just so beautiful. As are your bangs. Now I want bangs again. Very awesome!

Trav and Lizzie said...

Finally an update. Finally.
Love it all, blah blah blah.
But you knew that.

liz said...

ohh yes, i do love the bangs. and the owl hat. and pretty sure i am going to need to make those bacon wrapped dates. YUM. yay for updates!

Melissa said...

Now I really want to make those parmesan-stuffed dates. And I really want that recipe for the caramelized onion & goat cheese dip, because it sounds amazing.

Shantell said...

Miss you guys! Love the hat!

Anonymous said...

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