Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I have an obsessive personality.

Unfortunately, this does not lead me to do worthwhile things with my time or excel in worthwhile areas such as piano or violin due to obsessive practicing .  If I were to obsess in those areas like I obsesses over TV shows or food or baby girl clothes then I would be a freaking virtuoso by now.

Anyway, right now I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries.  On the CW.  I KNOW! 
And more specifically, this one:
Oh heavens.
I literally can't stop watching these moody, sad, angsty, teenage vampires!
 And if I'm not watching them.  I'm thinking about them.  Or dreaming about them at night. Or planning how I'm
going to be a   moody, sad, angsty, teenage vampire, too.
I'm running out of episodes and I'm starting to feel panicky.  No more sad/panda Alaina.  Or angry/sexy Damon.  Or brooding/silent Stefan.

I guess I'll just have to start over from season 1. 

I love this shee.  It's like crack to me.  It is what Twilight would be if it had
a) a story line,
b) good acting,
c) actors who don't look/act inbred,
d) action, danger, violence, blood, excitement, sex and lots of dying 
e) a brain
f) no Kristen McMoron Stewart.

This streams on Netflix you guys.  Watch it now.


Ty and Meg said...

Beginning in approximately 2 hours and I cannot wait. I too have an obsessive personality. Especially when it comes to books or TV shows. I cannot wait to see if this beats out True Blood. Yay!

kalie said...

I always get so excited when I see you have a blog update because I know I am about to laugh out loud. Oh dear. Your list at the end was the best. Seriously.

As for VD, my sees is obsessed and basically watched it nonstop while I was at my mom's last week. Part of me wonders if she didn't self-induce her strep throat so she could stay home from school and watch this all day. Basically I watched bits and pieces as I was in and out and my overall impression is that there is a LOT of angst and even more screaming. Which is a LLOTT.

Marcus and Amy said...

I can't be addicted to anymore TV shows right now. The list is already too long! I wanted to start watching Mad Men and catch up before another season starts, but when will that be - its been a long time? Have you heard anything about that show?

bets said...

so. your lover damon? he was on a show FOREVER ago called "young americans" that was on the CW when it was still the WB. and i STILL think about it-kate bosworth was on it too and some other random young'uns. man. you know how you watch things as a teen and they just get down inside you and understand the angst/wishing for something/oppression/not-knowing-what-you-want of teendom? totally that show for me. i wish i had a clue as to where to find old episodes of it. it was like dawson's before dawson's.

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