Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Explosion

So Christmas happened.  You know what else happend?  Food.  A lot of food.  Like...a lot.

It was my families "on" year so we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with them.  Christmas Eve consisted of...

Cheesy spinach and artichoke dip
Garlic shrimp
Mozzarella shrimp dip
Cheesy, spinachy, deliciousy stuffed mushrooms
Bacon wrapped sausage with brown sugar sauce
Grapefruit, pear, avacado and pom Christmas salad
Ham and swiss slidders with a garlic, butter and poppy seed drizzle
And three kinds of soup in fresh sourdough breadbowls.  I didnt get a picture.  I was too busy eating.

Basically, we appetized around the kitchen counter for a good while.
And then we moved to the table and...umm...ate more.
So eating happened. 

And then we read a Christmas story and opened Christmas jammies and it was all very lovely to just be with family.
Eventually we headed home and put C to bed.  And then B and I tore through all of our presents becaues we just couldn't wait.  I got new running shoes and a gorge new bag amoung other things.  I gave B Sorrells and lots of clothes.  C got her very own little chair.
The next morning we headed back to my parents house.  This might surprise you to hear but we ate more.  Try to conceal your shock.

Bacon covered in pepper and brown sugar.  This was DELICIOUS. Who knew that bacon could taste even better than it already does?
Some sort of of sugary bread explosion.  I don't even know.  Divine.
Plus quiche and egg, sausage and pepper caserole.  Yummy.

We also opened presents.  Here is a sneak peak...
According to my dad, "boys need toys".  So that is what they got...

Also, someone was looking a bit preggy.  Well, yes me.  From all the fricking food.  But also this one, who actually happens to be preggy for reals...
Then church happened.  I know it's totally not cool to say...but getting out of your pajamas and ready for church in the middle of Christmas is sort of not cool. 

After church we headed over to B's fams to spend the rest of the day with them.

C received this Rock N Roll Elmo from her Uncle Daniel.  I think this toy wins favorite of the day for C.
We were all completely spoiled by our families and are so incredibly grateful for them.  We just adore our families and love living so close.  There is nothing better than family.  It's easy to tell how C feels about these people by the huge smile on her face. 

And now our house is an explosion of endless new toys to play with.
But of course, the boxes are always just as fun as whatever came in them.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Ty and Meg said...

Love these pictures. Glad you posted. Miss you already.

Trav and Lizzie said...

Um... You are wearing an interesting sweatshirt. Closet coug?!!

The McBrides said...

um i want in on your family's Christmas, that food looks to die for! Cute pictures of your fam, I still can't believe how grown up Caroline is all of the sudden!

Anonymous said...

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