Monday, November 7, 2011

October in one post.

Is October over?  I swear I'm going to wake up tomorrow and I'll be 30...which is basically like my worst nightmare.  Seriously though, when did my life start passing by this rapidly? 

So Halloween came and went.  I love Halloween.  However, I think next year C will be a little more into it.  This year we basically put her in a costume and took pictures of her in front of some pumpkins.  Then she face planted it on the sidewalk and that was pretty much Halloween this year.  Yay!

This photo, as you can see, was pre-sidewalk-face-plant:


Practically mid-face-plant:

And here we are post-face-plant, thus ending our Halloween on a very low note:

And here is the day after the face-plant:

Fall was gorgeous this year. 

But now it's all gone.  Boo.

Also noteworthy, C hates my camera.  I can usually snap one photo before she realizes what I'm up to. 

And then this happens:

And this:

Clearly this child doesn't know that these clothes don't buy themselves.  If I can't get even one good photo of said child in her new clothes while they actually fit and aren't covered in baby secretions then what is the point of even buying them?

Are all  little girls drama queens?

Not even B can make her smile when the camera comes out.  In her defense, it was a Sunday and everyone knows that kids refuse to be cooperative/happy/even minutely manageable on a Sunday. 

However, I can catch C smiling for a photo if I pull out my iPhone and tell her we are going to watch Wheels On The Bus.  Wheels On The Bus = deliriously happy C.

We are going through a cell phone phase right now.  She walks around the house literally screaming into our cell phones for hours on end.  I have no idea where she learned that from.

We are also going through a mess-making-phase.  Fun for us.

But we LOVE this baby girl so.

Also, this happened.

I know.


kliso said...

Remember what a good infant she was. Still she rocks!

the Baker 4 said...

Andrea she is so stinking cute....I love these posts to see just how cute she really is. Thanks for sharing

Ty and Meg said...

UGH! I need to live by you guys. I could seriously eat her. These pictures are amazing. I cannot wait for Christmas!!! 46 days until we fly home. Depressing. haha She is so freaking cute.

The McBrides said...

I can relate on SOOO many levels. Very exciting about her pig tails, that is monumental. Love her incredibly cute outfits (those boots are to die for) and am loving how much personality is coming out- the hate camera phase is a fun one, we are still doing that (thus the extreme anxiety I am having about family pictures this week!) You guys are so cute, fun post!

glyza said...

Your baby rocks! Pretty and bubbly! :-) deer antler velvet :-) i was smiling the whole time i was looking at the baby's picture.

Starr said...

Oh my goodness I love her. She is my favorite.

sunshine said...

Easy on the 30 jabs trigger!

kalie said...

She looks pretty happy in those post-fall Halloween pictures, still. That is impressive. And why does time pass so fast? Here, I will teach you. Because we have little tornadoes that run our lives from dawn until dusk and at the end of it we are so tired that uploading pictures to Photobucket or Blogger sounds harder than a marathon. I cannot get anything done these days, especially now that my child has decided that he needs one 1.5 hour nap a day and going from 4 hours per day I want to kill myself.