Monday, October 3, 2011

You're winning Utah. Winning.

No seriously, Utah.  Stop it.

Conference weekend is the bomb.  No church!  Just kidding.  {Sort of.}  We love to drive up the canyon and check out the leaves. Also, turns out, it keeps our kid quiet.  Win win.

Conference weekend also equals food.  We headed over to my parents house and had a little feast that consisted of garlic shrimp, homemade salsa and guacamole and mozzarella filled mushrooms as appetizers, broiled roast beef sandwiches with swiss cheese and au jus, steak fries with fry sauce, a delicious fall salad, homemade bread and pesto spread, grilled onions and fresh fruit for dinner with vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  If you were thinking about how that meal does not sound vegan or gluten free you would be right.  If you are wondering if I ate it the answer is yes.  All of it.  Amen.


Kate said...

Snap! I need to get out more. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

kliso said...

What a great place to live.
And that conference party sounded good too.

Ty and Meg said...

Sarser these pictures are not fair to me. Neither is talking about all the fun stuff you do on conference weekend. Boo. I so wish I could come home right now. I seriously miss jumping in my car in being 10 minutes from the mountains. Sad. I could really go for a drive up Little Cottonwood, or up to Heber. Love the pictures. Conference sounds amazing with the fam. Mom and Dad really know how to do appetizers.

Marcus and Amy said...

You really missed your calling in the photography department! Just sayin'.

megara said...

love the pictures! we did the same thing. love a fun drive up the canyon!