Monday, September 26, 2011

I know you watch this much TV too. Don't lie.

So it's Fall.  Oh I love Fall weather.  The leaves.  The food.  The sweaters.  Halloween.  Yadda Yadda Yadda.  Yay Fall!  All of that is very great.  But I REALLY love Fall because the start of Fall means that TV gets good again.  No, I'm not ashamed to admit that I watch 3 hours of TV a night.  Why?  I'm such a TV freak that I make a 'New Fall TV Schedule' every year to put on my fridge.  I'm just awesome like that.  Seriously, TV watching on Fall evenings with the fire going and dinner on your lap is so cozy.  Also, it's free.  Free you guys.  And what else is going to hold me over until Chris Harrison returns to remind me why I currently exist.   

A little disclaimer before you start to judge me...we don't ACTUALLY watch 3 hours of TV a night.  Yeah right.  I wish I had time for that.  And we don't sit down and watch all of these shows on TV every night.  Not even close.  We really aren't people who need to see every episode of every show.  In fact, we are lucky to catch even half of an entire season.  And a lot of these shows we save for the weekend and then watch online after C is in bed.  So you can take your judgement hats off.  Just take them off.  Go on.  OK, that's better.  So here is what we will be watching this season, because I KNOW you are super, SUPER interested...
How I Met Your Mother:  Funny, but only funny enough to be watched online if we have run out of other, funnier things to watch.
Two and A Half Men:  I saw the first episode of the new season with Ashton Kutcher.  I like.  But this is also an online watch.  We will never waste a Monday night on this.
The Sing Off:  I LOVE The Sing Off.  Until it starts to bore me.  It usually starts to bore me around the second hour of the first episode.  And then it makes good background noise while I work.
The Biggest Loser:  We have always been The Biggest Loser fans.  I thought the first episode seemed very promising.  Minus that monotone Russian tennis player with the dead eyes.
Parenthood:  We are also big Parenthood fans.  I started off thinking it was boring but somehow I've changed my tune and now we never miss it.  However, that Gilmore Girls chick BUGS.
Glee:  I freaking hate Glee.  HATE.  I still watch every episode.  What?  I need to be able to talk about how much I hate Glee with some degree of intelligence.
The New Girl:  Adorable and funny.  Please Fox, don't pull a Fox and ruin a perfectly good show with your Foxness.
Top Model All Stars:  I will never not love anything that Tyra Banks does.  She crazy.
Up All Night:  Some people thought the pilot was weak.  But I loved it.  It made me laugh and I love Will Arnett.  Plus, that part where they are arguing about who got less sleep last night...B and I totally do that all the time.  It's funny because it's true.  And sad.
Free Agents:  New show.  Entertaining enough to watch online. 
Modern Family:  Of course.
The X Factor:  Just because I need a little Paula Abdul in my life.  Another show that is great back ground noise.
Law & Order: You know, whatever, good enough.  
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:  By FAR the most hilarious and well written show on TV.  We are addicts.
Project Runway:  My favorite reality show. 
Big Bang Theory:  I've always liked this show.  Sheldon is so funny. 
Parks & Recreation:  This show used to be so meh.  Now it's hilarious. 
The Office:  This show IS meh.  But for some reason we keep watching it. 
Whitney:  I liked the pilot.  I will give it 3 weeks.
30 Rock:  THE BEST. 
The Walking Dead:  B and I have been completely hooked since the first episode.  And in fact, I think I've seen every episode twice.  It's so gory and awesome.  I feel like I'm watching a high budget zombie film every week.
The Amazing Race:  Basically the only thing to watch on Sunday nights and therefore it wins by default.
 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Here is how this show should be forward through the entire episode, watch the last 15 minutes, the end.
Sherlock Holmes on PBS:  I keep hearing this is so awesome so we are going to watch this online as well.  PBS makes up for all the crap I watch all week by making me feel smart for an hour.
Sister Wives:  Impossible to find online. And we cancelled our cable.  So I watch this at Liz's house on her DVR.  Oh crazy plygs.  I love you.  Except for that douche Cody/Kody/Khodie and his mistress Robin.
Weeds:  So good.  You can stream the entire thing on Netflix.  yay!

Umm....what am I forgetting?

P.S.  No, we don't watch Mad Men.  Because it's boring.  No really, it is.  Plus, January Jones is THE WORST EVER.


Ty and Meg said...

We watch equally as much TV but almost none of the same shows. I am SO glad crappy summer TV is over. Just because it is crappy does not mean we don't watch it. So now I can stop banging my head on the wall every night during my awful shows. We just watched the new series Panam last night and we really liked it. I can't remember - but I am pretty sure that is not a cable show. Christina Ricci is in it which is kind of weird, but again it was good. I think it has a lot of promise. And now that we don't have HBO anymore we will be a few shows short. But when Game Of Thrones comes back next year we WILL be getting HBO again. I also watched the premier of Playboy Club which I think might suck after a few weeks but it was interesting enough. I am actually really liking the X Factor. I decided I HATE that stupid sing off or whatever they call it. I hate stupid acapella groups and those Mormon Provo boys make me want to slit my wrists and pick a new religion. For real. Why can't any normal Mormons ever be on TV? WHY? Hmmm I can't really think of what else I have been watching that is new. We like House a lot. I think Ty likes to point out to me how he understands all the medical jargon. I also hear the Mad Men will be back in March which I am pray to the TV Gods that this is true. I can't believe you don't watch that show. Seriously. You are not a true TV fan if you don't. Get on it. Okay well thats it for now.

Melissa said...

The Sing Off I would love, except the host is HORRIBLE. Like worst host in the history of hosting. Which, considering my strong dislike of Ryan Seacrest, is saying a lot. If I mute the TV when he talks then I like it. Also, Ben Folds is the only one who makes intelligent comments in my opinion.

I love Parenthood (Trevor is less convinced), Modern Family has grown on us, and Parks and Rec is getting funnier while Office is getting less so.

We also are watching Top Chef Just Desserts, which is not as good as the regular Top Chef, but will get us through until a new Top Chef starts.

Melissa said...

Also, when does 30 Rock premier? Or does it start already and we missed it somehow?

I'm A. said...

30 Rock starts in October. I'm not sure on the exact date, but they pushed it back because Tina Fey was pregnant. I'll let you know when I find out!

Chelsea said...

Oh girl you crack me up!!! And um... Mad Men is NOT BORING!!! I am in love with it. But you are right about January Jones... she sucks.

Marcus and Amy said...

See, I am the kind of person that has to watch a season from start to finish. So I cannot get hooked on too many TV shows. (And I do a lot of catch up online too.) We watch a lot of shows on Discovery, Food network and History also. I always tell Marc they are so weird and stupid and yet week after week I am stuck watching them!