Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I got bored with Ashley. Actually, bored is an understatement. I literally couldn't bring myself to wrap up the end of the season. But then I felt bad for bailing. So here I am wrapping it up. Like a month later. Ready?

I watched the finale in a puddle of drool on my living room floor while C climed all over my lifeless body.

This pretty much sums it up...

-Constantine may be the ONLY normal person to ever have been on this show. He basically said he couldn't fall in love and propose to someone he didn't actually know at all. Uhh....that's just CRAZY TALK! The Bach/Ette has a long running history of people falling in love and marrying each other even though they know nothing about one another...err...wait? Is that right?

-Ben has emotional problems.

-Ashley's sister pretends to be a B so we all get confused about wether Ashely will pick JP or not.

-Ashley picks JP.

-Nobody cares.


-The end.

In better news, Bachelor Pad started last night and it is AWESOME. I think at one point I was jumping up and down. It was like Christmas! Gia and Jake and Vienna and Michelle and Guard and Protect Your Heart and Rated R?! I think I'm in love.


Ty and Meg said...

Ha. Bach Pad was awesome. I had never watched before. Yay.

Anonymous said...

I still am in love with Ames. Sigh.

Marcus and Amy said...

I think I liked the Men Tell All better then the finale. Perhaps it was because Mickey was there. ;)