Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welp...I'm doing it again.

I'm flying with my child. I know, what am I thinking?

But it can't be avoided. We are going on a LONG awaited cruise to the Western Carribbean. Yay! And we are SO excited. We will be going here:

and here:

amoung other places.

{We won't, however, be getting in any of that gorgeous water because I don't want any of my family members to die by shark attack. Those are on the rise you know!}

Anyways, what we are not excited for?...flying with our 1-year-old. Honestly, I'm scared.

Remember last time? It was sort of a nightmare.

So ANYONE out there who has any tips for flying {or cruising} with a 1-year-old...please share! Really, please. I'm begging you.


Ty and Meg said...

Flying this time is not going to be like flying last time. You have a million people to help you. Its going to be great. It could be worse. You could be me and have a 6 AM flight. Tyler is going to be way harder to deal with than Caroline. Mark my words. :) Can't wait!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

You can do it! My tricks involve electronic devices (iPad, iPhone loaded with apps for toddlers), lots of snacks, and making an utter fool of yourself by singing a zillion verses of the Wheels on the Bus with crazy actions. Good luck!

Ali said...

I've flown 15+ times with my kids. Several times, I've been alone with Eliza and Henry. I want a freakin trophy.

Here are my thoughts (since you asked):

Dum Dum suckers

Pack a few (inexpensive)toys/books that she's never seen before. Some ideas are:

Big fat stickers that she can put on her leg (or tray table)and peel off and on. Just keep an eye she isn't putting them in her mouth (random? Eliza loved it).

comfort items (pacifiers, blankets, etc)

foam books, the kind that you can pull a foam object out of.. great for chewing, whapping around... you know.

At that age, Eliza loved dress up necklaces, the bright colored bead ones... makes fun noise, fun to hold


You know those pin wheels? Those are fabulous prior to take off. (again older kids probably like this more...) but the air above the seat spins them fast...


take an empty sippy cup and have the flight attendant fill it with C's beverage of choice. You can take liquid through at security which is why an empty sippy is handy... When she is older (useless tip for the time being) a portable DVD player is fabulous, but you never know... she might be ready for baby einstein DVD's if you haven't already tried...

pack an extra outfit for her and an extra shirt for you in case she has a blow out or heaven forbid throws up on you... don't drug her and don't try to cut her nap/sleep short hoping that she'll sleep on the plane. In my opinion, taking a tired baby on the plane leads to insane orneriness before they pass out.

A bag of hershey kisses to hand out to the other passengers before the flight... it's a peace offering, "We apologize in advance..." j/k.

Something to occupy you if she falls asleep.

There have been times when I am so prepared for the kids, but then when they fall asleep or are happily occupied, I realize I am left with nothing but the Skymall magazine. No good. Take care of yourself too.

Not to discourage you, but don't feel bad if she has a meltdown or two. It's pretty much a scientific fact (or not) that 12 - 18 months is the HARDEST age to fly. Newborns sleep and don't get restless/bored as easier. Toddlers and small children can color, watch movies and eat a huge bag of skittles...

You'll never seen the crusty mean unkind people again. So relax and HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!

Ali said...

I apologize for my grammar/spelling errors. They are abundant.

The McBrides said...

im not above drugging. Children's Benydryl perhaps? I think Caroline would love a nice little nap ;) you are going to have a blast, and if all else fails, just hand her over to grandma- no longer your problem. We had a blast today, looking forward to getting together and hearing all about your luxurious trip!

Melissa Stringham said...

I've flown many times with both kids by myself. Once a man full on stared at me while I tried to nurse! All I can say is accept the fact that is going to suck. And don't worry about the people around you, they are jerks if they get mad. they can plug in their earphones. Also I let Jackson walk up and down the isles when appropriate and safe (with me behind him).

Chelsea said...

Lucky lady! I want to hear all about it!

manthy said...

Please Photo Dump more often you are a amazing photographer and flying or cruising with a 1 year old isn't a good idea.
Have a safe trip