Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today I was thinking that we should probably talk about spiders. Beware: disturbing photos included.

Am I the only one who has noticed MONSTROUSLY HUGE spiders lately?

When we were living in the basement apartment my thoughts were consumed with spiders. They were EVERYWHERE. They were in my kitchen sink, dead in the corners of every room, and I would literally feel them crawling on me in bed at night. I would wake up screaming and freaking out. B would tell me to calm down and that I was probably just having a bad dream. Until we turned on the lights and he looked on the covers and would find a spider booking it for the edge of the bed. Gag. We would put out spider traps and they would be full to the brim in just days.

However, they were just your average sized, no big deal, spiders. And I chalked it up to, 1-living in a basement and, 2-living in a very old home.

I was extremely excited to move into our new house for many reasons. One of the BIGGEST reasons {and I'm not even joking} was that there would be no more spiders. No spiders! Yay!

Except there are spiders. A lot of spiders. And they are HUGE.

I've found them in the garage and on our porch {semi-do-able}, in our basement {less do-able}, in our laundry room {seriously too close for comfort} and in C's closet on her toys {oh no you DIDN't spiders!}.

Don't worry about telling me to spray for them. I'll do you one better. We are going to burn our house to the ground and start over.

Or perhaps we will move? However, I have less than fond memories of running into spiders evrywhere I have ever been. In Switzerland I saw pretty Alps spiders, in England there were HUGE British spiders and in Germany, probably the most disturbing spiders I have ever seen in person. Also, my sister tells me that in Portland the spiders are so huge that their webs span the width of an entire sidewalk so while you are happily jogging along, BAM!, spider in the face.

So, I'm guessing there are spiders everywhere. Which brings me back to burning the house to the ground.

My neighbor tells me that this has been a bad year for spiders. There are a lot, and they are large. She blames all the rain.

Have you guys noticed this? Or are all the monster spiders just moving to Holladay? Anyone have any tips or techniques of ridding your living space of these devils spawns?


Barb @ getupandplay said...

I had to scroll past those photos quickly. Ew. I feel like there are a lot more bugs in general this year. I was totally blaming it on moving to a new part of the valley, but the wet spring could have something to do with it.

Ty and Meg said...

ANDREA you cannot post pictures like that. EW. Barf. I so wish you could see the nasty spiders here. But at least they only come out in the fall. Utah spiders are horrifying. Seriously I would just kill myself if one of those was in my house. Not acceptable.

liz said...

ahhh i feel like i have spiders crawling all over me after reading that.. strangely enough i was just talking about the abundance of spiders in PG lately..i guess they are everywhere. the end of the world is coming.

Lauren said...

My mom got our house sprayed TWICE last week because it was so bad. Don't use that crappy bug spray, or even the bug bombs. They won't cut it. Call the professionals....ASAP!!!! SSOOOOO GROSSS!

Trav and Lizzie said...

So.... I live in that lil' basement you spoke of. And last week, we sprayed the living heck out of it. And the guy said, "the spider activity may increase in the next few weeks, this tends to rile them up."
And then I said, "whaaaaaaa? Why am
I writing you a check if your spray makes them worse? What kind of crap product makes the problem worse? And you tell me this NOW?!"
And since that day, I have seen loads of potato bugs, earwigs, beetles, spiders... Now I'm extra peeved that I see all the critters that scuttle around without me knowing. And now they are pissed at me, too.

Drea said...

YES! They're huge and everywhere! We've never had spiders this bad. Yuck! It makes me sick. I just barely washed the biggest spider I've ever seen down my bathtub drain. Eeew!

Marcus and Amy said...

When you built your house, you stirred everything up on the ground, so thats why you are seeing more spiders. The year my parents built there house, they had a lot too. Then it died down. Sorry to say it didn't go away though.
I can walk into a room and my eyes will go directly to a spider. It drives Marcus nuts, but I gate them too and if there is one in a room I will find it and make him kill it!

naezandkidz said...

We are having the same problem. It sucks and they just keep getting worse. We got our house sprayed and it only made things worse and now seeing more spiders and bugs then ever!! If you find a solution please share :)

bets said...

um, this creeps me out because the other night, i saw literally the biggest spider i've ever seen in our backyard. like the size of a fifty cent piece. what the f? it had a shadow. A SHADOW! it was like a scene from a movie--creepy tall-legs-and-body-close-to-the- ground-arachnophobia movie scene. yikes.

Jen said...

Yes...Portland = so many spiders! I have a new spider web (or 4) across my porch stairs. It is like a creepy and literally "in your face" when you walk through it version of Charlotte's Web.