Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snowbird. July 4th. And a blissful, work-free weekend of happiness.

oh. my. gosh. i haaaven't blogged in, like, furever, you guiysss!

did your brain translate that into ashley's voice? mine too.

speaking of ashley, when i saw that the bachette was a rerun this week it felt like a gift. a gift just for me. i was thrilled. so thank you abc. from the bottom of my heart.

i have a lot of pictures to post. none of you will care unless you are my sister. however, if you do decide to stick around i promise to include some incredibly interesting commentary to go along with said pictures.

so lets get started.

here is one of c in my aviators. you know, just your standard baby-in-aviators picture.

so my aunt has a condo in snowbird. she invites us to come up every summer. it's tradition. TRADITION! we had muy fun. and snowbird is gorg.

c got to go swimming for the first time. she likey.

can you handle this cuteness? as beyonce would say, "i don't think you can handle it." i know i can't.

my mom told me that when i was c's age she took me to a swimming class. that sounds dumb to me. then she told me that they would have you dunk your baby under water because, you know, babies hold their breath under water. i was like, wtf mom? trying to drown me before i even reached 1 year? anyways, here is my mother and aunt trying to recall the infant swim class lessons that they learned from 28+ years ago.

c was loving it.

this is my sweet mother and sweet aunts playing with c in the pool. i love this picture.

i also got to hang out with my extremely tan cousins. forgot to take pictures of them because i'm a dumb dumb.
and here is one with b and c. this was right before we got kicked out of the completely empty "spa" for having a child under the age of 18 with us. i'm pretty sure the kid who kicked us out was under the age of 18. don't get me started.

so snowbird was fun.
on our way home we stopped at the hpc. that stands for holladay pizza and creamery. if you were curious - this consists of frozen pizza warmed up and some pretty standard frozen yogurt. and anything you purchase there will show up as plumbing specialists on your bank statement. which is not skethcy at all.

it's been getting hotter and hotter in the slc. i freaking loathe the heat. i don't loathe bob's brain freeze though. in fact, i love it. so we got one.

and ate it in the shade.
side note. c loves brandon. like seriously loves him. she gets so sick of me by the end of the day that she refuses to even glance in my direction when he is home. can you tell from this picture?

c loved her first snow cone.

speaking of snow cones, this made me laugh:

the snow cones is in his beard you guys! ha!
and then july 4th came. here we are at the neighborhood july 4th breakfast. it's tradition. TRADITION!

then we went to b's family cabin in kamas.

i hate nature. but i try to fake it for my child's sake. i want to her to choose for herself. however, i think her disgust for this flower gave me some hope that she may follow in my footsteps. fingers crossed.

we finished off the night with some fireworks. c was mesmerized. for 7 seconds. i think fireworks are boring and dumb. which is why i can't believe that i insisted that we stay up to watch them. we learned a valuable lesson that night. the lesson being, don't put 11 month-olds to bed at 11pm. just trust me. don't.
overall, a perfect weekend. so perfect, infact, that c wanted to wear her 'perfect' shirt to remember it by.

hope you all had a happy 4th.


Ty and Meg said...

Sarser I think this is my favorite post ever. I actually teared up looking at all of you at snowbird without me. :( I am coming home for the 4th next year. I am so excited to see you and C in a few weeks. These pictures are amazing. I love the ones of mom and her in the pool. SO cute. See you in TWO weeks from today!!

kalie said...

That is WAY sketchy and I am laughing. Are all the pool pictures from your iPhone? That doodad takes awesome pics, if so. I am very impressed.

Ty and Meg said...

Just so you know I have read this post about 900 times.

Melissa said...

I was going to do the whole "this is his first 4th of July, we should have him watch fireworks even if he is a cranky little monster" thing until we did sparklers earlier that day and Thompson was pretty much not impressed in the slightest bit. Also, snowbird is gorgeous, we just got back from a fam reunion there too. Oh and C's swimsuit is adorable, by the way.

The McBrides said...

I love that you hate nature, you and I both. Nature and animals... but lets still go to the zoo sometime, for the sake of our children. I love all of these pics, I am getting less and less impressed with my fancy Nikon the more I see what the iphone4 can do! its kind of sad, but so true.

the Baker 4 said...

Andrea, C is the cutest little girl ever....Love seeing all the pics you take of her...Thanks for sharing!!

I'm A. said...

Kalie/Whit - Yeah, I know...all iPhone 4 pictures. It is pretty much the best. I can't believe how fast it has changed my life. Why did we ever buy a camera?

Marcus and Amy said...

So cute! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend!

Adeline totally has that tutu swim suit too. It's a cute one!

Anonymous said...

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