Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh Ames.

Watching Ames get booted from the show last night was PAIN.FUL. He was a very sweet and genuine person. You could tell, for whatever reason, that he really like Ashley. And he seems to be one of those guys who doesn't think girls are into him. Therefore, he will treat whomever he ends up with like GOLD. And I'm sure he will be/is a richy. I would have picked Ames for sure even though he always looks slightly dazed and confused. He is too good for this show actually. Every once in a while someone comes along that is just too kind and too smart and too good for the show. Like Ames. And Stephanie. And Vienna.

So if I'm being honest, I was barely watching last night. It's like when you get home from a vacation and that first day back at work is just torture. Well, thanks to the July 4th weekend I feel like a have been on a vacation from The Bachette. So watching last night was harder than usual. I didn't really gather much except for:

Groban 1 is very Greek. His home is full of Grecian columns and statues and fake marbling on the walls and tile and topiaries and angles in the clouds painted over the fireplace. I felt like I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. However, there will be no wedding for Ashley and Groban 1 because she is not Greek. Greek people marry Greek people. Except for in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Groban 2 has a classy family, a fabulous vineyard, a dead dad (sad) and a commitment problem. And she sat about 4 feet away form him for the entire date. The sparks where really trying very hard to fly. But Groban 2's tears kept putting them out.

Ashley seems to have about 1% interest in the Grobans.

She likes JP more. It's obvious. I mean, she went roller skating with him for crap sakes. But HOW MUCH MORE?

Actually I did a little math:

Groban 1 x Groban 2 = 1% + JP / 2 - Ames = Bentley

I know. I was shocked too. But the numbers don't lie.

Can this season be over already?


the Baker 4 said...

Yea last night was a sleeper...I was hoping something exciting would jump out and grab me but it didnt. We all know JP will get the final rose!

Trav and Lizzie said...

Ashley thinks she and Ames had a lot in common. WTF? I can't think of a single bloody thing that they might have had in common. Anybody?!

Ty and Meg said...

Impressive math skillz. 3 DAYS!

Marcus and Amy said...

Ames for the next Bachelor! You know it would be an awesome season full of awesome outfits, way awkward moments and conversations that go way over our heads!!
I agree with Lizzie...what did they have in common!? I feel bad for him, I really liked him more and more and the bottom line, he deserves WAY better then Ashley!

lady lee said...

I love that you call them Groban 1 and 2. My husband called them Grobans from the beginning and now I refer to them as Groban 1 and 2 when we are watching.

Poor Ames. My Mom called him fish head the first day when he got out of the limo. But he is sincere and sweet.

She like JP the best, but she doesn't seem to reaaaaaly be into any of them and vice versa. I'm pretty sure JP likes her the best but I think it is just because he likes falling in love.