Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remember when I said the iPhone wasn't THAT great?

i take it back.

b got me a kindle for christmas two years ago. i love my kindle. but life has been busy and i really haven't been able to use it very much. however, recently i put the kindle app on my iphone. and i pretty much have not stopped reading since. my phone is always with me, so i can pull it out and read wherever i am. i read in the dark while i'm rocking c to sleep. i read in bed long after b has fallen asleep. i read on my bathroom floor. i read at my moms. the kindle app on my phone has sort of reopened my life back up to reading again. it makes me so happy.

i have read 5 books this month. i'm going to start my 6th tonight. but i'm not sure what book to read.

anyone have any good book suggestions? i'd love to hear. so far....


liked a lot.

kind of liked.



Ruth said...

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

The Help

Ty and Meg said...

Sarser can I borrow your Kindle until I can get an ipod? Or just buy it from you??? I am DYING for one.

Marcus and Amy said...

I liked The Help as well.
Right now I am reading Heaven is for Real.
I will soon be reading One Day.