Monday, June 20, 2011

I freaking hate you ABC.

i'm mad.

i think last nights episode of the bachette finally pushed me over the edge. here's why...

1-SO boring. perhaps even more boring than last week?

2-ashley annoys the h out of me. seriously, could she be any more whiny, obnoxious and in need of constant approval and reassurance that she is "better than emily", "pretty", "whaaa". you can tell that even chris harrison thinks she is pathetic. especially since she won't shut her face about bentley. maybe it would be entertaining to watch if she wasn't so busy making women in general look like such weak, pathetic, losers who are completely smitten every time some a-hole snaps his fingers. she is THE WORST bachette ever. and that is really saying something because i loathe jenn scheft.

3-and most importantly...they lied to us about bentley coming back. i can NOT abide them telling me that "next week! tune in! bentley! drama! ahhh! not boring! watch!" when there is actually no bentley in the episode at all. i'm not kidding you when i say i almost chucked my remote control through our living room window.

i sat in front of my tv through the WHOLE episode, rocking a sick, crying baby, neglecting my real job, letting b unload the dishwasher, highly anticipating bentleys magical arrival to thailand.

i sat through boring date #1. i sat through idiotic group-fight-each-other-date. i sat through boring 2 on 1 date. {laughed a little when william got sent home. what a douche.} i then sat through boring rose ceremony eleventy million. i sat through, "ashley, gentlemen, this is the final rose." all the while, waiting patiently for bentley to show. and i'm watching the clock tick by. 20 minutes left. 15 minutes left. 10 minutes left. any minute now! bentley is going to show ANY MINUTE! 5 minutes left.


no bentley!


i am 100% sure that this season cannot redeem itself.

but in other fun news, have you heard about emily maynard? she is RALLYING to become the next bachette. so she can, you know, further her acting/modeling career. apparently that was her plan on brad's season. but darn it, he picked her! so she had to dump him real quick so she could hurry up and be on the show again. these people are all alike.

here is emily's first video blog. yeah, she is video blogging all of this seasons episodes. you can find the rest on the internets if you care. i don't. {i do.} it's not like i watched them all. {i did.}


Trav and Lizzie said...

Watching William sulk in the limo was easily the funniest limo departure to date. Especially when he said he wanted to go into a dark whole... To go to sleep and never wake up. Nicely done William, you are officially having a two year old tantrum.
Sorry about C, lil' peanut. I miss your faces.

Trav and Lizzie said...

And by whole I mean hole! Wow Liz, it really is 3:45 a.m.

Ty and Meg said...

Officially glad I am NOT watching. And I am sad that Emily is such a dummy.

Marcus and Amy said...

Boxing? Really??? Who picks these dates? Poor Ames. I kinda wish William went on that date or Bently...then again he probably would not have put the helmet thing on his head in fear of ruining his hair, his sqaure head hair! HA!

All the guys left are RIPPED! Then again I had a better figure when I was in the dating world too! And yay it looks like my guy Mickey calls her out next week! "What do you see in this guy????" Hottie hottie Mickey! He is too hot for her! I still stand by the fact that she will end up with JP.

I'm A. said...

I'm not sad Emily is a dummy. I'm pissed I didn't figure it out sooner. Duh me.

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