Thursday, June 23, 2011

DELURK Olympus High 2001 Graduating Class Readers!

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*this post is being sponsored by the olympus high 2011 graduating class reunion committee.

mrs. alison van dorn thackeray contacted me about writing a blog post for our upcoming reunion. she clearly knows that i have dozens upon dozens of readers.

so i'm a funny person to ask to write a blog post about our high school reunion. mainly because here is how a conversation about the high school reunion goes between b and me...

i'm like "maybe we should go" and b's like "no" and i'm like "good idea".

that is because we are anti-social. we mostly hang out with each other. and trust me when i say that we are both extremely awesome so hanging out with each other turns out to be a pretty rad time. however, i suppose we should get out more?

also, did i mention that this is a TEN YEAR REUNION? no? well, let's talk about that for a minute. these last 10 years have flown by. it's scary how fast the time has gone by actually. all you high school kids out there...prepare to be far above your high school weight, married and parenting children in the BLINK OF AN EYE. you're welcome for that heads up.

anyways, after ali contacted me about the reunion it got me thinking. and my brain said, 'andrea, you should go. it could be fun. you like olympus people. or some of them at least. you married one. you built a house in holladay. holladay is your mother ship. embrace it. you might serve on a pta with some of these people someday. you are going to have kids that will go to school with other kids that belong to these people. you should try to be friendly. less anti-social. make some play group connections. play groups are fun. and you really need to start now if you want your baby to grow up with holladay pride, marry an olympus boy and live down the street from you for the rest of her life. you know you want that. don't you want that? of course you do. and how is that going to happen if you dont start cultivating some olympus roots? and you can't cultivate roots unless you go to the reunion."

i stopped my brain right there because none of that made any sense.

but i think what i'm trying to say is...let's all attend the olympus high TEN YEAR {wtf?} reunion. let's all be best friends you guys? and let's do what we holladay people do best which is look down on everyone who didn't grow up in holladay and attend olympus. we can do that right? i know we can! and if anyone is at the reunion who went to east, well, we need to show them that we are WAY better than them. WAY BETTER. however, i know the chances of this are fairly unlikely. because olympus people do not marry people who did not attend olympus. {except for ryan tollstrup. love you guys!} but just in case there is anyone else there from east. we need to band together! olympus pride! boo east!

ahem. it's funny because it's true.

joking aside, i'm excited to see everyone. from years of facebook and blog stalking i have learned all sorts of interesting things about everyones lives. there have been college graduations, people obtaining extremely advanced degrees, jobs, marriages, traveling, babies, ups and downs, highs and lows, and we have spread out all over the globe. there have even been marathon winners {amazing!}. lot's of changes. some things never change though, like steven mortensen's height. zing! {relax! he said it first!}

a lot has happened in ten years. it's crazy to think we all took our leap out into the world from the same place. good old oly.

so listen olympus graduating class of 2001. you should delurk for just one day and say hi! leave a comment! **if you do you are entered to win a brand new iPhone4 with five years of free service!

but really, you should say hi. do it. DO IT! i'll start first!

hi! it's me. andrea. remember me? no? well that's because i chose to spend my entire high school career in a "serious" relationship. ha. funny. so yeah, hi.

now it's your turn!

p.s. here is a little reunion info...

when: friday, august 19, 2011
where: @ olympust high school
time: 6:00-9:00pm
what: dinner, raffle, music
tickets per person $18.00 until july 8th
$22 july 9th until august 12th
$30 cash at the door

you can get your tickets here:

questions?: email

fun! (maybe)
all you can drink free alcohol!!!! (definitely not)

p.p.s. they are tearing the school down peeps. this will be the one and only reunion we will have at the actual school. that alone is reason enough to go.

*not true
**also not true


Brandon said...

Hi, I'm Brandon. We are married.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Dude, I see a post like this in my future. I'm one of the co-chairs of our reunion, like a sucker. It will be fun, but I keep thinking how much more fun it would be if I wasn't in charge of it all. (Erm, I will be 37 weeks pregnant at my reunion.)

Britt said...

Um, reunion, yes. I'll [probably] go if you will. I'd like my free iPhone now.

Ali said...

you never fail to make me laugh :)

Anne, Ryan, Emily and McCoy said...

Hey, I like people from East. And Skyline. Why can't we Olympus people branch out? Living in Sandy ain't bad either. There are actually things to do for people younger than 65 in Sandy (isn't that the age requirement to live in Holladay?). I know, where is my Titan pride?

Scuba Steve said...

Look I was named, lol amazing I am so popular!

I'm A. said...

Whatever Anne. Holladay is a bustling metropolis. It's a non-stop party town. :)

The McBrides said...

im not invited but I wanted to comment anyway- is the school really getting torn down? That kind of makes me sad, I kind of think Oly Jr. ended up looking like an eye sore, i would hate to see the same thing happen to the high school

Ty and Meg said...

Whit we can go to our ten year reunion soon enough. My favorite part of this post is Brandon's comment. ha. Funneee. Silly old Olympus.

I'm A. said...

They are definitly tearing down the school. The new one is sure to be lame. Boo.

Marcus and Amy said...

I married a Skyline football player, I don't know that they will let me come! ;)

Anonymous said...

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