Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's talk about "music"

i love the bieb. i mean, i really, really love the bieb.

i don't love him for shallow reasons though, like all the kids these days. i love him for his brains.

and do you think maybe taylor swift has someone helping her write her songs now a days? this song is sort of legit. the line, "it turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you"...that's good stuff. there is no way she thought of that on her own right? anyways, new taylor swift album = good.

but this is literaly the worst song i have ever heard. ever. you should listen though. it's funny. b get's really sick of me singing "everybuuudys dancin dancin crazy and we never stop. we never stop. everybuuuudys ragin ragin crazy. put your hands up. put your hands up. i like you and you like me and we get together and were HAPPEEE. did ya hear me say that?! did ya did ya did ya hear me say that?! SNAP!!!! and i liiiiike the way we kiss, you and me together like this! did ya hear me say that?! did ya did ya did ya hear me say that?! SNAP!!!!"

dancin crazy is so bad that it makes this song seem like a brilliant masterpiece where poetry and musical genius combine to create an angelic melody sent straight from heaven to solve all of the world's problems...

fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.
which seat can she take?!

and lastly, usually glee makes me want to punch someone in the face. but the fleetwood mac episode reminded me that this song is RIDICULOUS. love.


Tyler and Megan said...

You+Me...Gonna tell you one time shawty! Thats deep. Love Bieber. For real though. I do. And I love Usher- so the combo is really great. I showed Tyler the Friday video for the first time last night. He loved it. True fan. The only thing I love more than Bieber is Fleetwood Mac. We listen to their greatest hits pretty much all the time in our car. Love them.

kliso said...

Is it just me or do all the young "artists" all sound the same? Just plug them into an electronic synthesizer and any body can sing. Give me Mick and Stevie any time.

I'm A. said...

Oh dad.