Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iPhones and Pinterest and Glee...Oh My!

before le iphone i was completely unaware of the happenings in the world. no news reading or watching for me. i've realized that as lame as it might be, i much prefer life this way. now i'm getting hourly updates on massive tornados killing people, bombings in kabul and stressing all weekend about the rapture. these things totally overtake my brain and all i can do is worry about harold-camping-end-of-the-world-predictions. stupid.

i need to delete all apps from my iphone that do things other than let me catapult angry birds at pigs, listen to soundbites of alan from the hangover and take pictures that i can edit. pictures like this:


so techMOLogy has definitely stressed me out. unless we are referring to pinterest, which i am completely obsessed with. if you are not on pinterest, well, i really think you should be. yes, it's a time suck. but it's also totally fun. and i get tons of inspiration every day. you can see my boards here.

so here is a strange segue for you....i can have a temper. but it was much worse when i was younger. one time i was raging about something (small and insignificant i'm sure) and my mom said, "a, when you get this mad you need to just go in your room and punch your pillow". that obnoxious comment made me even madder. who the eff wants to punch a pillow when they are mad. dumbest idea ever, right?

well, last night c woke up. it was 1 a.m. i went in to check on her. all was well. so i left the room. c has a little temper of her own though. so the screaming commenced. by 2 a.m. i was literally punching my pillow and my 12-year-old self was laughing hysterically at me.

so...i got myself out of bed, put in my earphones and subjected myself to a little glee. just thought i'd make the pain worse, you know?

you guys, in general, i really hate glee. but yesterday's season finale was literally the worst episode to date. the. worst. i mean really, does anyone like this crap? i know, i know, the music is good. but it is not good enough to make up for EVERYTHING else. when i watch glee i want to apply logic. but trying to apply logic to glee is like trying to decide which home alone movie is better. IMPOSSIBLE! you really can not watch glee if you 1-are intelligent, 2-are logical, and 3-have a full stomach.

but even knowing all that, i just have to say....why the FRICK would a glee club who got into the national championships prepare their musical selections the DAY BEFORE the competition?!?! and then act all sad panda when they lose? hmm? HMMM?! i hate glee.

ok. i think i'm done.

happy tuesdee peeps.


Meg said...

hehe This was the most random post ever. And it made me laugh. And it makes me laugh that C has a temper. I am excited for that for you. Remember when you kick a high heel in my face? And when you peed on me? And spit on my head? And tied me up with chains in our tree house? Yeah. Me too. :)

Meg said...

I remind you all of that out of love. Thats all. We had an eventful childhood thanks mostly to you. So no hard feelings. haha

Also...come to my house!

I'm A. said...

Yes...but you deserved all those things :)

Meg said...

Ha. Such a lie.

Shantell said...

Well said about glee. Kev and I just kept looking at each other through the whole episode dumbfounded and hating ourselves for wasting 45 minutes of our lives.

I'm A. said...

Haha. I can imagine watching Glee with the Barlows would be hilarious.

Marcus and Amy said...

I like that site. And I just discovered this week too.

emily brown photography said...

Ha ha! Andrea you are so funny and clever. I can't make any sense of Glee either!

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