Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did this really happen?

last night b and i were randomly flipping through channels. everyone knows there is nothing good on tv in the summer. and we refuse to submit to dancing with the stars. we can go low, but not that low.

so channel flipping continues when all of a sudden a familiar face flashes past us on the screen. "whoa! wait!", we both yell in unison. "WHAT is chris harrison doing on tv?" turns out, chris harrison is hosting the bachelorette. last night was episode one. we had NO idea. but, as fate would have it, we flipped to the channel right as episode one was starting. and 99% of the time we never channel surf. so it's like fate. i can't escape it.

a few quick thoughts before i really dive in next week, because everyone knows that episode one is all shots of bach/ette walking on the beach looking contemplative, and hours of dudes/ladies exiting limos.

-ashely looked pretty. love her hair dark. her dress was gorgeous. her laugh is adorable. however, my very astute friend liz made the comment that she is an over giggler. which is so true. guys love this though. it makes them feel hilarious. and she seems nice. hrmph. whatever. no i do not enjoy having nice things to say...but it is what it is. give me time.

-the first guy out of the limo was probably my favorite-ish. however, it's impossible to tell at this point.

-but of course bentley will be my favorite-favorite since he is from the good old slc, quit his job at goldman sachs to be on the show and promote his new business, his ex-wife is friends with our most all time favorite michelle, who tipped off ashley that he is here "for the wrong reasons". yay! i also enjoy that he is wearing plaid in his bio photo. and then i looked up and saw that first limo dude is also wearing plaid. so maybe this is a theme? i'm too lazy to go back and look at all the other bio photos. so let's just pretend it's a theme.

-and did they really have to kick off sleepy, drunk, mute guy?

-lastly, and semi-unrelated, brad and emily are "officialy" done. for some reason, that particular season really threw me for a loop. i think of myself as reality tv savvy. i don't buy all the ridiculousness that they peddle to me. i know it's all an act, nearly 100% scripted and edited to the point that reality and truth are the farthest thing from what we are watching. but still, they totally had me with brad and emily. i am still so blown away at the amazing edit job that the producers pulled off to make us all believe that 1-emily was some perfect creature, 2-that they were 100% madly in love and would NEVER break up and 3-umm...i can't think of a 3 but decided to list the 3 anyway. b read online that brad's family said emily was a total fake, weirdo...NOTHING like what she seemed on tv. and i believe it.

so there you have it. season 1,783 of the bach/ette is in full swing. here we go again. weeee.


I'm A. said...

test test.

Meg said...

I had NO idea this show was on again. I am not ready yet. I need more of a break from this. But in much better news...SYTYCD starts on Thursday!! SO excited for that.

Cami Daniels said...

Ryan P is my favorite so far too. I'm glad she picked him for the first impression rose.

Shantell said...

We are so excited! We checked your blog specifically to see if you had watched. Its like a car accident or a horrible injury that you just cant turn away from. Summer just got so interesting.

Trav and Lizzie said...

Ok miss insider, where do you get your info? You already know the dirty deets!!
Back to what's relevant, ashleys arms are toned and she looks stunning.
Post partum belly, eat your heart out.
(cue weeping and wailing)

I'm A. said...

think of this though liz...ashley is all teeny and tiny. when she DOES get preggo, that baby will RUIN her. so take solace. she is going to be stretch mark with a side of ashley.

i'll reveal my inside sources next week. just for you!


Marcus and Amy said...

I am sucked in again.

Ashley is a cute girl.

I wish she would have kept Godfather NJ Butcher around, he was funny.

Mask guy is weird and creepy.

Mickey is HOT. Hot. hot!

Bently has a square head. And did he say that he really wasn't that attrached to her? I am not a fan of him.

I'll be back next week :)

I'm A. said...

I need to go back and look at Mickey. And very true, Bentley's head is extremely square. Maybe we should call him Bentley Square Head? I like it.

Ali said...


did you know I temporarily live right by you (I think?)

watching an episode with you could be awesome. I'd bring dip? You, B and baby C could come here. Let me know if your interested?!

I'm A. said...

Yes Ali! Viewing party! I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

hate ashley. Ugh, she drives me nuts in every regard. yet i'm not going to miss one episode. not one. :)