Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spray Paint Atlas

lovely readers,

i'm about to post something that does not include photos of baby c nor updates about the progress of my house. i know, right?! but don't worry, i've got more of that for later. of course.

so listen, my good friends michelle and trevor have been living the high life in LA LA land while working for the ever popular show, extreme home makeover. jealous.

they are currently working on a film which personally i think is incredibly cool.

from the films website: "Spray Paint Atlas is a soon-to-be independent film about a law student who uses his summer break to go on a crime spree in hopes of finding his lost fiancĂ©e. It’s a comedy. Of sorts. Principal photography begins summer of 2011 in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest."

you can go to the films website, here, to find out more. and, if you like what you see, which i think you will, then you can go here to donate a little cashola to help out some local talent on an awesome project. peace and love.

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