Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And then after we moved my brother came home.

my brother has been serving a mission for our church for the last 2 years in paraguay. that means we have not seen him for 2 years. and we have not spoken to him more than 4 times in that long. and believe me, it felt very long.

so when the day of his arrival rolled around we were pumped. very pumped indeed. so pumped that eye of the tiger magically played in the background as we prepared for his arrival.


risin up. back on the street.
did my time, took my chances.

went the distance, now i'm back on my feet.
just a man and his will to survive.

so many times, it happens too fast.
you change your passion for glory.

don't loose your grip on the dreams of the past.
you must fight just to keep them alive.

it's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight.
rising up to the challenge of our rival

and the last known survivor stalks it prey in the night
and he's watchin us all in the eeeeeye of the tiger

anyways, you get the idea.
we were pumped.
c, however, was mildly amused at best.

so we made it the airport with, don't worry, only like 3 hours to spare.
and also, with posters and matching tshirts.

i decided we weren't being obnoxious enough so i proceeded to lead the family in a rousing chant were we marched in circles, waving our freak banners high, shouting "WHO DO WE WANT?! TRENT! WHEN DO WE WANT HIM?! NOW!" {and by we i mean me.}

everyone around us thought we {i} were amazing and wanted to be our {my} best friends.
however, c had gone from mildly amused to flat out bored.

if this child is going to be a part of this family, and while i'm thinking about it...b, as well, they are going to have to learn to embrace humiliation. it's the only way.

so anyways, all of our {my} chanting paid off. trent appeared down the terminal and the first thing i saw was his huge smile. awesome. and also, the bag he was carrying which i hoped contained a gift for me.

two years is a long time you guys. but it is especially long for moms.

the littlest brother had grown a bit since trent had last seen him.

we were all pretty much overjoyed to see trent.

except for c, who pretty much didn't give a shee.

however, as the days went on i could see that trent was really starting to grow on c. and now there is definitely a stiff competition going on for favorite uncle position.

and, as always, c is the cutest thing i've ever seen. so here are the obligatory c baby photos for your enjoyment.

i mean seriously, give me a break.

chillin like a villain on the new carpet...

and showing off her new trick...

and with that...
a out.


Ali said...

So exciting!

I love the "Missing" shirts; very funny! I have never seen that done. I love C's "Are you my Uncle" shirt as well.

One of Lottie's favorite toys is also the Tylenol bottle. Let us know if C wants a play date. I live here now, you know!

Tyler and Megan said...

Ha. This was a funee one. That was just so much fun. I want to do it again. So now you have to come out to my house with the boys and C baby and I will make it worth your while. Love all the pictures. Very cute.