Thursday, April 7, 2011

Allergy Test.

as many of you know, b has some pretty severe food allergies. he is allergic to wheat flour, barley, eggs, nuts and melons. and, prior to the age of 15 b was also allergic to dairy. knowing that food allergies can be hereditary we have been very careful with what we have fed c.

even still, she has had some pretty sever vomiting bouts after eating a small amount of dairy {or at least we THOUGHT it was the dairy causing the vomiting}.

so, today we took c to see an allergist to try and find out what foods she can and can't have.

here is c waiting for her skin test results to show...

this looks ouchie but c didn't even flinch.

and guess what? as of right now, according to the skin test, c isn't allergic to any of the foods that they tested her for. yay!

so, we are slowly going to start incorporating more foods into her diet. and i just hope, hope, hope that she doesn't develop allergies as she grows. it's ok if she does, we are used to living with food allergies in our house. but, think of all the divine carbs out there that b hasn't had the pleasure of devouring...little caesars crazy bread, olive garden bread sticks, pizza. {mmmmmm....carbs.} this is also why he will always be skinnier and healthier than me.


Meg said...

Oh poor little babee! That picture makes me laugh and feel sad all at once. But I am glad you got good results! And I cannot wait to snoogle her one week from today!

Em said...

Yay! You got her in & she's all good. See, you aren't in denial, you are a mommy with intuition!! I love that picture. So sweet.

McBride Fam said...

what a relief! that is such great news, we had pizza and breadsticks for Halle's birthday party last night it was heavenly, life without carbs would be so tragic!!!

Lizzie Jones said...

Andrea, one of my best friends has had severe food allergies for years. She couldn't eat any wheat, dairy, berries, and had really bad reactions to most pollen, trees, etc. But she found out about this doctor down here in Provo who does this treatment and now for the first time in years, she can eat anything. She's had other members of her family and our other friends try it and they can too. My other friend that is a celiac ate pizza for the first time in years on Monday. The doctor is legit, he's a bishop and a really decent guy, the treatments are a little crazy but they work and they aren't expensive. Let me know if you're interested in hearing more and I'll give you Ashley's email. She can answer any questions you have.

PS- your baby is adorable. :)

Drea said...

Poor girlie. That's great she's getting better!