Monday, March 14, 2011


as b and i were watching brad's proposal we were both babbling away...

"THIS is the best proposal in bachelor history!"

"they are for sure super for real in love!"

"yay! perfect couple!"

"favorite bachelor season ever!"

and other such ridiculousnesses. {p.s. b's babbling's were much more manly than that.}

but then, 'after the final rose' starts. and BAM! we are brought back to reality. the reality being... that this show is a crock full of stinkin bull crapola.

they tricked me. i admit it. abc had me eating out of their filthy little hands. i was buying it.

however, turns out...emily is an insecure, immature 24-year-old who is giving brad crap for his behavior on a REALITY TV SHOW where he is clearly contractually BOUND to say/act/do certain things for the sake of the show but where EVEN STILL he was able to convey from DAY ONE that he was more in love with emily over everyone else. i mean really emily, you are upset that your dates weren't as fun as the other girls? really? and does she actually think that brad had even ONE IOTA of say in any of those dates?

and brad...who has been single for 38 years thusly making him, i'm sure, majorly stuck in his ways, and, turns out, prone to crazy temper flare-ups. but who is also hot. let's not forget that he's hot.

temper-aside, friend liz called while all this was going down to make the excellent point that it is the opposite of cool for emily to bring up specific examples of brad's short-comings on national television. especially on top of the fact that brad just sat there saying how in love with her he was, how he still wanted to marry her, how he would not give up. and also, that her teeth look like chicklets. {that last part was said by liz, not brad. valid point, yes?} {she's obviously gorgeous and a good mom...but seriously, she was a very different person on 'after the final rose' from who she was on 'the bachelor'.

so what's the lesson?

bachelor romances do not a legitimate relationship make. in 15 seasons of the bachelor and 6 seasons of the bachelorette there have been 3 couples to make it.

i give them a month.

however, abc is clearly DYING for this couple to work out so they can broadcast their island wedding for a healthy profit. which is why the hilarious band of bachelor experts were brought in to help them work through their issues. thanks ali, roberto, trista, ryan, jason, and melissa urr...i mean... molly! yay!

and now i'm feeling much more back to my normal self. it just didn't feel right these last few weeks...not ranting about the bachelor. but here we are. we have come full circle. all is right with the world. especially since ashley is the next bachette. bring it abc. bring it.


Trav and Lizzie said...

Yes, chicklets. That is how mature I can be. Ahem... If Emily was given shark diving, cliff jumping dates, surely she would be able to have gotten married today. Surely.

I'm A. said...

I think that's a really good point Liz. I blame the elephant date. If the elephant date had been Chantal's and Emily's date had instead been to have a picnic in tall grass...then I absolutely KNOW that they would be married RIGHT NOW.

Meg said...

Ha! Funny. But I have to agree. We were at a bachelor finale party and the whole room cheered when he sent Chantal home. We were all suckers. But I did feel bad for Chantal. That was one major let down. And I don't think that Ali and Roberto technically count since they are not married yet. Also, did he (Roberto) look not even close to as hot as you remembered him? Despite how much I hate ABC and how full of crapola they are, I can still honestly say that I really like Brad, his looks, his family and his money. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, it was heartbreaking for me to watch the after the rose. I too was gushing about the proposal and thought it was the sweetest thing ever.

You know what Emily's mad about? She's mad that Brad did the "rumpty tump" with Chantal. That's what is ruffling her feathers, I think.

I don't you think it was CRAZY the way that Chantal said she met someone new, that he was the one, but was still crying when Brad talked to her? Weird.

And I am soooooo glad they didn't announce Ashley as the Bachelorette. Boo to her.

Marcus and Amy said...

I am not as much a fan of Emily as I was before, I agree she was a different person.
And who doesn't have a temper? Lame excuse. I would have a temper too if I fell in love with someone who totally changed on me.
You could tell he really loved her though. Her? Not so much.
And why won't she move to Austin? Where is her sense of adventure and that fun side that she wants everyone to see?
Did she ever watch a season of the bach/ette? What did she expect to be watching every monday night?
I think you nailed it, 24, insecure and immature.

Starr said...

Stupid Emily. She ruined EVERYTHING! And how scary were all the 'successful' of bachelor's past? I thought that was extremely creepy. "Join us Emily...Join us."

McBride Fam said...

this whole time I kept thinking "I CANNOT believe Emily is only 24! She is so poised, mature, sophisticated, and confident!" I was so fooled. I was dissapointed about it all, I wanted to be foolishly wooed by their love story, darn.. She totally was coming off as a snob too, like all of the sudden she is too good for him or something. Regardless, her hair did look fabulous, I will give her that.