Friday, March 18, 2011

This is definitely the color we picked for our exterior. Definitely.

or not.

you guys, building a house has been fun! however, at times it has also been infuriating and crazy. driving up yesterday and seeing the above image was one of the more frustrating times.

that is absolutely not the color we picked. not even close.

after i finished freaking out i laughed. i mean, it is pretty funny. i'm dying over what the neighbors must think!

don't's going to be fixed.

unrelated, c baby is adorable.


Meg said...

Okay I am laughing so hard. That is seriously awesome. I was thinking the same things about the neighbors. haha! Awesome. Royal blue is VERY in right now. Especially with the brick you chose. Man. Funny stuff.

Second, that pic of you and C is crazy cute. It makes me cry. COME TO MY HOUSE!

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is hilarious.

...and yes, baby C is very cute.

the Baker 4 said...

You could fit right in with the Mexicans by my work. LOL... JK

And as far as baby C OMG Andrea she is a heart breaker...Look out boys....

bets said...

wow. i think you should keep it that color. how awesome would that be?

McBride Fam said...

oh the joys of building a home! I drove by yesterday and it is looking SO awesome, and I decided that I need you to be Halle's personal wardrobe specialist, because C never fails to always looks over the top ADORABLE! We need to do an outlet shopping day together when the weather gets warm, until then Lets for sure do lunch next week, and I will email you those recipes!