Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I love Michelle.

before i get to my rant about michelle i would like to point out a few things about last night's 'women tell all' show...

firstly, ashley looked great with dark hair. next bachelorette people. i'll bet you money.

secondly, i found it extremely weird how funeral home shantel was not interviewed, spoken to or shown on camera for more than 2 seconds.

thirdly, these girls are gigantic b's and obviously extremely jealous. HATED them.

jackie should be embarrassed. she looked pathetic last night.

i mean seriously, who the H is this girl? was she even on the show? for someone who brad obviously kicked off like a million episodes ago she was sure doing a lot of eye-rolling and acting important:

and this girl, who felt it her job to point out that michelle is a terrible mother and person while she sat there and cried...gross. who is she to even talk? she looks like a stripper. this girl whose name i can't be bothered to look up is just nasty:

and here we have raichiel {or however she spells it} the manscaper. i think she might be an over-developed 15-year-old who snuck on the show with how she was acting. i loved how jackie pretended to be black for a minute and told her 'she acted a fool'.

so now onto michelle. you guys, i freaking love michelle. i love her. she should be the next bachelorette or have her own tv show somewhere or at the very least be my hair stylist in slc. i want to be her friend.

i thought michelle was hilarious the whole season. she clearly knew how to play the game that is reality tv. she was constantly on camera and brad actually liked her unlike all those other morons that had so much to say about it last night. i'm sure they are all insanely jealous since michelle is without a doubt the most gorgeous person in any room she enters. also, her clothes last night?! she looked amazing. a. maz. ing. so pretty much, i like her. and watching her get torn about last night really pissed me off.

so we are down to the wire. chantal or emily? i know what all the spoilers say. and i don't care. he picks emily. there is zero possibility that he doesn't. the pretty people have to stick together you know?


McBride Fam said...

my thoughts exactly. I had no idea that Jackie was such a confrontational biznatch and I am really wanting to know the story on Shantel, she should have been one of the main girls interviewed, and why didn't Brad even acknowledge her? so weird. Of course, I am pulling for emily all the way but i wouldn't be surprised if this show dissapointed me, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if the next bach-ette was Michelle, but i think your right, its going to be Ashley.

Dutson Fam said...

I agree with EVERYTHING you just said! I love Michelle and was so sad for her last night when all the ugly girls were picking on her. Ha ha!

I read that Ashley IS indeed the next Bachelorette and I LOVED her hair, too.

And recent spoilers say that he DOES pick Emily!

I cannot wiat! :)

Meg said...

Okay I will be the third to say I totally agree with everything you said. How is it that the girls who were on the show for less than 5 seconds couldn't shut up last night? Who even cares? Who even knows who they are? Again, I like Brad for getting rid of all the crazies right off the batt. And I love Dorothy from Kansas who was SO cute for sticking up for Michelle. Michelle was the only fun thing that happened this whole season. Plus, as you said...she is crazy beautiful. Ashly looked 1000 times better with the new look. She was being super nice and everyones friend and advocate and saying all the right things about how much she learned! and how ready she is now! and how excited she is to start dating!! Not rehearsed at all.
If he does not pick Emily he is 100% retarded. And, Brad is hot. He was looking real hot last night. Double hot. I cannot wait for next Monday.
And...did I not say that I hated Jackie from day one? Right.
Also, Tyler and I loved funeral Shantal. She looked PISSED last night. Like really pissed. WTF? Loved her.

Rickie said...

Yeah we were wondering the same thing about Shantal? She definitely deserved some tv time, although, maybe she refused to talk.

Marcus and Amy said...

Hi...new bachelor fan here. I'll be honest, I really only started watching this show the last 3 weeks. And ok I'll admit that I will watch the next season, probably. I also raced over to your blog after I watched the show online, cause I knew you would have blogged on it! ;)

Anyway, I am going to be a little mean here. But 1st, I like Michelle also, she is cool, and real and from Utah. But I think the 3 girls that completly hogged the camera time looking for there 15 min of "fame" are MAJOR bleepers! Seriously? Who acts like that on TV in front of millions of viewers? I think it came down to the fact that those 3 were and are just plain jealous that Michelle made it way further then they did. And bottom line - get over it! And any chance you had of finding love from this point forward is ruined cause of your nasty attitudes and twisted facial expressions. Very unattracive!

Jackie turned into a creepy spider and so many times I wish I could have told her to shut up.
And "not important enough to remember your name" lady - wow, bad make up job. Your eye makeup was terrible and looked worse with all those dagger eyes you kept throwing and you are in need of some serious pro active. (I am not one to talk myself - I still break out too) but I would be mortified that I talked my mouth of and looked for so much camera time only to have the world see my bumpy chin. Was that just me that saw all that?
The blonde that kept rolling her eyes and clenching her jaw muscles, she needs to remove that stick from her behind asap!

Other then that, I hope he picks Emily too. I like her southern ways. And I hope that Michelle or Ashley are the next bachette! That's all. Thanks!

Sarah said...

i too love michelle. she was the best part if the season. we were sad when she left. brad + emily. i am not a huge chantal fan. love your blog posts a.

Lincoln and Alisia said...

I love michelle, but I am biased because she is related to me. But the girls bashing her as a mom went too far and made me mad. And I agree about Chawntel--the funeral director, why did they not show her at all? We all love her too!