Thursday, March 10, 2011

A few things of varying degree of interest.

something is always flooding in our apartment. either flooding a LOT and soaking everything in sight...or flooding secretly and causing mold in places we can't see until finally it's exploding through the walls {true story}.

two days ago our toilet started flooding, not from being clogged as far as we could tell...just flooding everywhere out of the base of the toilet. then, when the old people that live upstairs would flush their toilet [typically about every 3 minutes} water would come shooting {SHOOTING} out of our shower, bringing with it the nastiest pipe remnants i've ever seen.

we couldn't pee all day until the rooter guys showed up at TWO IN THE AFTERNOON. pee was coming out of my eyeballs.

the culprit of the flooding this time turned out to be a 5 foot long root growing in the pipes. {well that, and the oldness of the house and the lack of upkeep.}

if you want to see a photo of that root you can click HERE. warning: you may throw up.

after those guys left c decided to swallow a sticker. entirely my fault. i wasn't watching close enough. i'm fairly sure that this was not any sort of life threatening incident. still, after a call to our pediatrician they told us to go to the er. c was gagging and choking on it but could still breath. and i of course was FUUUREAKING out. freaking.

we sat in the er for over an hour while she kept gagging every few minutes until eventually she gagged hard enough that she puked everywhere. and out came the sticker like a little ticket sticking out between her lips. so we left. and made a vow of no more stickers for c.

so basically yesterday wasn't my favorite.

however, i took a bunch of pictures of c last night in her jammies...each photo showing a vast and varied degree of expression and emotion. and her slight orange-tinged skin from all the carrots and sweet potato's. cute c baby.

i'm looking forward to living in a home with some LIGHT! so ALL our pictures don't turn out dark and shadowy.

this is about as much light as we get, even in the middle of the day. blah...

also, i did this to my hair. the jury is still out:


liz said...

first of all caroline is so flippin cute! we need a playdate soon.
second, how horrible is that story about the sticker! ohmygosh i would be freaking out too..glad she's ok.

and also. that root is nast. you need to get out of there stat.

Trav and Lizzie said...

Love the hair. F-u-n!
The pipe story... Not so fun. Can't bring myself to loom at the pics, but I better do it!

Meg said...

Okay, wow. Your hair!! I just freaked out because you have never died your hair like that and I almost didn't recognize you. But I love it! Its fun and different. I am excited to see it in person.
Second. If C was any cuter I would DIE right here in my office. I can hardly stand the cuteness.
Next, OH MY ROOT. haha That is vile.
Now that C is alive and well I laugh a lot every time I picture that whole scenario.

Stephanie said...

Your hair is amazing. Your story is disgusting. Your posts are hilarious. I LOVE C's pink shoes. Where on earth did you find such stylish shoes...I have no idea! :)