Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Emily Maynard for the win!

i feel like that dirt-bag mike fleiss is trying to throw us off by telling us every 5 minutes how super comfortable brad is with chantal and then showing us these nervous and awkward conversations every time he is around emily. plus, all the little fake "hints" that emily leaves the show or has issues or can't commit blah blah blah.

but whatever. i'm not buying it. he is smitten. he's loved her from DAY ONE. he's picking emily. there is no part of my brain that can fathom anything else but that.

she is, in my opinion, near perfect; sweet, classy, kind, gorgeous, a good mama and to top it all of has the most charming southern drawl. he'd be a fool to let her go. and he won't. mark my words.

so how bizzare was it how things went down with ashely? she literally could not tell him she would move to austin. she basically kicked herself off. i was surprised to see brad so upset to see her go.

have you guys heard the rumors that she's the next bachette? i'm not sure that is a season i could handle.


Meg said...

Definitely could not handle a season of Ashley. That would be worse than a season of Ali. And that was real bad.

As for Emily. I love her. A LOT. Chantal is just too much for me. In every way. Emily is so adorable. And surprisingly I think Brad would make a good little Dad. He would be nuts not to pick her. BUT! "It is going to be an ending that NO ONE saw coming!" And after "The most dramatic season ever!" who knows. ha. Yeah right. This season has been boring and normal with hardly any drama. I kind of liked it. But back to the point, I hope he continues to prove to be nice and normal and that he picks Emily so I can keep liking him.

Lisa said...

I LOVE Emily and want her to be chosen at the very end, however everything on the internet says he chooses Chantal.

Sarah said...

ditto to you all! i think ashley will be the next bachlorette, it's the run. she always does that super perky fun run. just kind of bobs around like a really cute little girl. i am rooting for emily.

naezandkidz said...

I think he picks Chantal sadly...I would love for him to pick Emily but just keep thinking he is to scared to deal with her past and kid...but lets hope for the best :) Love your house by the way!

Jen said...

Yes...Ashley was severely awkward! I am hoping that Emily wins...I totally think he is smitten with her. Her only flaw is that horrible dress she wore to the rose ceremony.

McBride Fam said...

Ashley was being SO LAME, she hasn't really bugged me that bad until this episode and I wanted to kick her in the face, or something. I just want Bach Pad back, now that is what I call real drama!