Friday, February 11, 2011

A Tale of Two Feeties.

i ruined my feet.

about a year and a half ago i took an awesome backpacking sister trip through europe. it was amazing aside from the fact that after the first two days i could barely walk. i missed most of the incredible art at musee d'orsay due to the fact that i had to sit on a bench to try and relieve the excruciating pain in my feet. and it got worse as the trip went on.

those are my swollen, bare, feet in florence, italy.i know that it was entirely my fault; choosing shoes for style over comfort and support. i had no idea that a year and a half later i would still have insane foot pain every, single day of my life.

people keep telling me to go see a podiatrist. i haven't yet. i typically don't seek out medical help for a combination of different reasons that include laziness, optimism that i will feel better soon and pessimism towards people in the medical field. i always think they won't be able to help me and i sort of have this sneaking suspicion that they are making stuff up as they go.

the pain, however, is now breaking down my incredibly tough resolve to never schedule a doctors appointment no matter what.

anyways, anyone ever been to a podiatrist before? i just have this weird feeling that nothing can be done for sore heels. maybe i need a jazzy. i love the red ones.


Melissa Stringham said...

I am kind of a medical snob, being married to an almost md...but I would go to an orthopedic foot specialist. Podiatrists are not md's, they go to podiatry school. Orthopedists go to md school plus surgery residency plus fellowship to sub specialize. Personally I would want someone as highly trained as possible, especially if it involves potential surgery.

I'm A. said...

I had no idea that Podiatrists aren't MDs! I'm actually really glad to know this because I know people who have gone to Podiatrists and received no relief or help at all. Hence, my skeptisism that anything could be done for my feet. Thanks for the info!

Marcus and Amy said...

Wait? But cant podiatrists perform surgery? Don't you have to be an md to perform surgery? I only ask cause I had an awesome podi. that I went to and he did surgery on my toes and I LOVED HIM! He is in california though, so that won't help. I did however see one here in the downtown area, but I was not impressed with him AT ALL. I won't slander anyones name here, but I can give you his name in private so that you don't go to him.

Ali said...

My father in law, Douglas Flegal is a podiatrist and yes he performs surgery every single Friday and YES he is the best foot and ankle doctor on planet earth. His personality also rocks.

He is also located on 3900 south near you. I promise, you'll be happy you did.

Ali said...

And yes, he is super qualified and all that jazz. If you want a reference of the orthopedics who refer him patients, I'd be happy to provide that.

Meg said...

Duh Sarser. Go to the doctor. I went to a podiatrist a year ago and got my feet fixed. While foot surgery is the worst ever is was so worth it. Go go go. You will be happy.

Anne, Ryan, Emily and McCoy said...

My mom and Liz go to Dr. Flegal and they love him. Liz was particularly impressed with how much he really cared - he even gave her his cell number for over the weekend.