Monday, February 28, 2011

My walls are painted. There is no going back now.

unless i repaint. but lets be honest, who wants to do that?

overall, i feel good about my paint colors. mostly. finalizing a paint decision really snuck up on me. i spent weeks and weeks looking at paint samples with my mom. still....when our builder said he needed colors at 9am the next morning i had a minor melt down. i stayed up until 3am agonizing and researching colors online. i was so torn between going gray or taupe. i love gray the most but for some reason it feels a little more daring. in the end, i went with taupe with what i think has a very, slight gray undertone. i like the color a lot although i would not have been heartbroken if it was even darker. i love dark. however, i think it looks fab with our woodwork.

here is a corner of the master bedroom:

guess which is c's room:

the pink looks VERY pink here. however, it's the same color as in her current nursery. we love it and decided to keep it the same.

our simple woodwork, which we love:

the unfinished fireplace, we still have to pick our stone, but i'm loving it so far:

a corner of the kitchen:

blue! this was literally a LAST second choice. we were going to keep the kitchen entirely white. in the end, i'm glad we didn't. our cabinets are white and i think the small amount of blue that will show will be a good contrast.

cabinets are being installed tomorrow! eee!:

in other news, i love this baby so much. her shirt says 'perfect' which is as huge understatement.


Meg said...

Dying over that cute face. Oh man. Love her. And the house looks FABULOUS. I love your color choices. I cannot wait to see it in SIX weeks!!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Really nice choices! The paint looks so great against the white woodwork!! I can't wait to have a tour one day!

Caitlin said...

I love the blue!!! They're all gorgeous, nice work :)

McBride Fam said...

where to start... LOVE the paint colors, you did a fabulous job on selecting them, LOVE LOVE all of the beautiful molding, and LOVE LOVE LOVE how adorable your baby is! She seriously always has the cutest outfits and headbands on, not that she needs it, she is cute enough all on her own! Can't wait to see more updates on the house, its turning out beautiful!

Starr said...

Holy crap you have a house! It is going so quickly I am so excited for you. And C is getting so big. I want to munch on her!

bets said...

jealous. jealous jealous jealous. i have no idea when we're ever going to get a house and i highly doubt we'll ever be able to build our own. if i ever have questions about paint colors, can i come to you? everything looks gorge. i think i might have to come over and oogle the next time i'm in town.

Anonymous said...

Would really love to know what the brand/color is for both the taupe and the blue. Love them.