Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long time no Bach talk.

i blame it on sleep deprivation.

however, now my baby sleeps through the night. it is glorious. more on that later.

so lets talk bach.

basically, this season is drama free. like i've said before, all the girls were nice enough, pretty enough, normal enough. in fact, all we've got for "drama" is michelle. and it's pretty obvious that 99% of her lines are scripted. and now she's gone. sad.

this weeks episode was good times. i don't know how the bach gets into my head like they do. how did they know that my dream was to be in the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated?! how bachelor? how?! oh wait, actually, that is my nightmare. i can literally think of nothing worse. but apparently, according to abc and brad, that is every girls dream. did they take a poll? anyone out there dream of being in the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated? anyone? hello? i think my dream would fall more along the lines of being HOT enough to be in the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated.

that photo shoot was interesting to watch. sort of like a psychology experiment. "maybe if i take my top off i will get a rose..." "oh look, SHE took her top off...i better take mine off too!" ... "oooh...both girls took thier tops off. im going to almost have sex with brad in the sand in order to one up the two girls who took their tops off which will in turn assure me a rose." even better though, was all the crying and sad faces at the "pool party" after the DREAM swimsuit sports illustrated photo shoot. those girls are so lucky!

i think you should all take a minute out of your day to go check out the sports illustrated photos. find them HERE. you won't regret it. or maybe you will.

the dentist is cute. her 'shells-for-a-bikini-top' made me laugh out loud.

michelle is the hottest. and looks like a real model. i'm going to miss her. also, her boob job is pretty stellar if you are into that kind of thing.

and chantal is the most naturally pretty. but boy oh boy are her boobs scary big. like, SCARY.

so lets talk final 2 shall we. my prediction...

shantel's day job scares brad. she goes home next. there is 0% chance that ashley wins this thing. she's booted in 2 weeks.

the final two are emily and chantal 0. brad loves emily and she has been the favorite from day one. however, i think she has issues {rightfully so} and whether she removes herself from the show or he doesn't pick her because of it is still up in the air. and that leaves big-boobed, insecure, non-stop crying chantal as the winner. {if you can call it winning.} which would not be surprising considering that brad is clearly looking for someone he can take care of.

i think emily could be the next bachelorette, if she isn't already engaged.

ok. discuss.


Katie A. said...

I just saw Michelle last week at Gap kids! I was star struck. Have you heard all of the nasty Utah rumors about her? Very intriguing! Oh, and congrats on baby training! Doesn't it just make life so much better?

Meg said...

I will be so annoyed if big boob mcgee wins. She is so annoying. Remember when she slapped him in the first episode? I do. Annoying. I like Emily a lot. I would definitely watch if she was the next bachelorette. My other favorite is cute normal Chantal. If he doesn't pick her because of her job he is an idiot. She is adorable.

Sarah said...

i am not going to lie. i have been missing your posts. i mean yeah the house is cool and all - but lets talk bach. jk. so, it is a little boring. i feel asleep last week. not a good sign. my favorite part was when michelle laid down after she was kicked off. true drama queen fashion. loved it.

Trav and Lizzie said...

Emily's teeth are too white, obviously fake and therefore it really pushes me over the edge of respecting her remaining "natural beauty". That is all for now.

bets said...

yay! finally some bachelor dish. i agree-ashley's crack about her no boobs made me laugh out loud, mostly because i relate so well-her being in sports illustrated would be like me being in it. what guy wants to look at a flat-chested girl? i think i like emily best but i agree again that she'll probably freak out cause her kid doesn't like brad or some other lame-o issue. i like funeral parlor shawntel-i think she's the most normal but he won't pick her. so yes, blubberface boobs will most likely win. and then he'll dump her 3 weeks later because he can't stand her passive-aggressiveness. all is fair in love and war.

Dustin and Whit said...

yea is Chantell secretly nursing? Those are breast feeding big boobs.