Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In my opinion...

steven tyler and j lo are the best things that have ever happened to american idol.

{well, them and adam lambert of course.}
oh, hello adam lambert.

love him.

hmm. this was supposed to be a post about steven tyler and j lo. i don't know what happened.

so yeah. i love steven tyler and j lo. they are pretty people. sometimes i'm hypnotized by steven's mouth. it's so big. sometimes j lo's hair puts me into a trance. so much hair. and they seem nice. i don't miss that d-bag simon one bit. i love when steven tyler breaks out in song. and when j lo bobs her head to the rhythm. because she's still jenny from the block. should i stop? ok, i'll stop now.


Dustin and Whit said...

AGREED! I am LOVING them. I find myself completely mesmorized by J lo's glittery eye shadow... I want glittery eye shadow.

Dustin and Whit said...

oh and i guarantee you that those lips are even more hypnotizing when you watch it at 3 am- it makes for great midnight nursing entertainment!

Meg said...

hmmm Maybe I should watch? I have hated Idol for a long time now... it would feel strange to go back.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

They really are great! I was pleasantly surprised.