Tuesday, January 18, 2011


this season of the bach is sort of just meh, eh?

i pretty much think that all the girls fall somewhere on the scale from cute to gorgeous and that they all seem like fairly nice people. no drama. no fighting. and clearly abc is doing everything in it's power, through intense editing and scripted lines im sure, to give the show a little spice through michelle. but i don't even think michelle is as bad as what they are trying to force us to believe. are we seriously supposed to find it scandalous that she trys to get as much of brad's attention as possible? give me a break.

so pretty much, brad has a bunch of pretty, sweet girls to date. the end.
i will say that i'm going to write those b's over at abc a letter if i have to watch one more group date where they are filming something. for reasons that i'm not quite aware of, watching those dates fill me with such rage that i want to chuck my tv at the wall. i can't handle the stupidity. it's embarrassing.

but clearly abc just loves to put these people in embarrassing situations. like forcing brad and cute, little ashely s. to record kiss from a rose FOR NO FREAKING REASON OTHER THAN TO EMBARRASS THEM IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER AND ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

so we are down to 14 girls, any of whom he could pick. or not. whatever. here is hoping something interesting happens.

i can't even really make a list of my top favorites because i don't feel THAT strongly about any of them. they really do all seem nice. however, i did think these two stood out this week:

and i was super impressed with madison for sending herself home because she felt she shouldn't take a spot away from another girl who might really want to be there.

so people, what are your thoughts? who do you love? are you feeling a little zzz about this season like i am?


Meg said...

So I watched the show and I have to say I actually am liking Brad quite a lot. He seems nice and surprisingly normal. Am I wrong? They all seem pretty normal. Hmmm. We will have to see how that goes...

Cami Daniels said...

I don't know Meg but I agree with her about liking Brad. I was skeptical about the part with his shrink but he really did seem to take the guy's advice and try to make the girls feel comfortable which was impressive. I actually enjoy the lack-of-drama picture-perfectness right now, but agree that filming stuff is really annoying, especially two episodes in the same season1