Sunday, January 9, 2011

What a difference a week makes.

c has some exciting news {don't let the serious look fool you}...

take a peek:


but i am going to miss those little gummy smiles. those little gummy smiles almost bring me to tears they are so frickin cute.

on the house front...two weeks ago we had a cement hole in the ground. at the beginning of last week we had a floor!

and by friday we were the proud owners of walls!

and lastly. one of the things b really loves about me is that i find it completely normal if not absolutely necessary to spend $25 on lunch or $60 on dinner on a semi-regular basis. i'm kidding. he absolutely hates it. he thinks lunch should cost $5 and dinner for two should cost $20. he may be right and thank goodness for b or we would be poverty-stricken.

the problem is that i have a major weakness for delicious food. i have no problem spending insane amounts of money on food either. and luckily i have friends who feel the exact same way. we went to the paris bistro this week. so, so, very divine. {and also very dark hence the weird colored photos}

we refrained from licking our plates clean.



Erin said...

Ha! I am sooo the same way as you when it comes to food! Gourmet, delicious, expensive... all the better! The first time my hubby bought me lunch... he said "let's go split a combo meal at Carl's Jr." Umm..... that was a tough hurdle to get through! He thinks $20 for a "nice" meal on a weekend date is extravagant! Yep. Soooo know where you're coming from!

Meg said...

haha We never spend money on food. As you know. But I am excited for C and her teefs. Bring her to my house!

Dustin and Whit said...

Teeth! That is so exciting, hopefully she isn't keep you up too much at night while cutting in those puppies! I can't believe how fast your house is coming along, you are like a realy grownup with a real house! I hope you are putting in a play room where C and Halle can disappear to and play while we drink our diet cokes and decompress!

Anonymous said...

Your house is so exciting!! You need to start a blog about all your exciting decorating ideas, I bet you have some good ones up your sleeve! ;)