Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ok, I take it back.

choosing paint is NOTHING compared to choosing granite/marble.

but lets back up a bit.

i've been collecting images for my "dream home" and placing them in my "dream home folder" on my computer for years now. let me show you a few "dream kitchen" photos of mine.

as you may have noticed, all of these kitchens contain my 4 key ingredients for said "dream kitchen"...

01-an island {for all the cooking i don't do}
02-dark, hardwood floors
03-white, wood cabinets
04-carrara marble counter tops

{please ignore the fact that all of those kitchens obviously reside in enormous mansions.}

they also all have wolf stoves, which that alone exceeds our entire appliances budget. ahem. we will not be owning a wolf stove.

anyways, back to reality.

we sat down with a kitchen designer last week and we will have an island. we will have dark, hardwood flooring. we will have white, wood cabinets. but my beloved carrara marble countertops?...well...those are on the brink of extinction.

i have heard from multiple people that marble in the kitchen is a bad idea. they wear much faster than granite. marble is a softer stone. it can stain and ding. some people say that they love the wear and tear look. some people say if you are careful they hold up pretty well. some people say you'll regret it. and some people are rich and can replace their kitchen marble tops every 5 years. {we aren't those people.}

so now i have a horrible decision to make. it's like sophies choice.

go with the marble and hope it holds up ok...

hello beautiful carrara marble:

or pick a granite, which is also really gorgeous but changes the whole look of the kitchen, don't you think?

i mean, seriously you guys, how the h am i supposed to figure this out?

look at all these!:



help me!



oh help!






ooo pretty...looks like the view from an airplane window! HELP!

ok. not so sure about this one.


i asked c her thoughts and this is pretty much all i got out of her:


aimee said...

What about cedar stone tops? I have seen a few beautiful kitchens in cedar stone and they have looked awesome. No idea about pricing on those babies but it is always another option.

Love your inspirations. Can not wait to see the progress of the house! Please keep sharing.

Em said...

Boo! Im jealous! Choose the gray one. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the one that is crazy yellow with gray and white. I also really like the one with the round pebble type design that you said you weren't sure about.

Chris and Annalisa said...

Those kitchens are GORGEOUS! I love it.

Have you considered going with a composite like quartz? That's what we've got in our kitchen and we love it. (It's got all the properties of granite but it's non-porous so you never have to seal or worry about stains.) My friend just put one in her kitchen that was light like you're looking for and it was amazing! Just a thought.

Good luck choosing! I'm sure it will be awesome.

Tyler and Megan said...

Sophies choice. ha. funneeee. I obviously have no idea. But I hate that scary yellow one. Thats about all I can do for you. I love your baby. Oh...and you. :)

Marcus and Amy said...

My favorite dream kitchen picture is # 4 - Love it.

I LOVE my mom's granite counter tops, they have a hint of blue in them - very pretty. But she has dark cherry wood cabinets.

Oh and my 2 nieces dumped there yogurt on the counter and rubbed it all over and the acid in the yogurt apperently etched the granite - not good! I guess my point, kids are hard on houses so get what you like, in the long run, its all just "stuff" and you can't take it with you when its all said and done. That is why I agree with what "some people say they like the wear and tear".

Hope I helped. Good luck!

Starr said...

Just choose a countertop that is light. I have a dark granite countertop and cleaning is a B because you can see everything and streaks and blahhhhh...I like the ninth one down. Very different and sort of has a 'marble' look. And the last one. She is a keeper!

Caitlin said...

sweeeet! the countertops with yellow are incredible. timeless? hmm. but awesome. And, I would love to make you a header, anytime :) Good luck with all the choices... yikes.