Monday, January 3, 2011

Ok fine. I'll admit it. Womack is hot.

like...smokin hot. hottest bachelor ever. and you guys, after he shafted deanna and that other girl that no one cares about he read lots of mean things about himself on blogs. he had anxiety attacks you guys! and he spent some time alone in his apartment know...alone. it was a dark time for him. a dark, dark time. so he checked his pride at the door and he spent three years working through his issues with a therapist. and now look at him! he's come out on the other side, and he's cured! he's changed. and NOW he can go on the bachelor, do inappropriate things with 15ish women on national television, and then propose to someone that he has spent roughly 3 days a NORMAL person. yay therapists!

but enough about him. lets talk about all those crazy b's.
who, by the way, are a lot better looking than normal.

in the order that they received their roses:

ashley s.
first impression rose.
she's real cute. and a nanny. and acts like she's about 14.
however, {side note} she is a much better option than that other nanny in the electric blue prom dress who womack kept shafting in order to talk to other girls. that was fun to watch.
she's a definite favorite and not just because she's from the slc. holla!
and i know her cousin! {email me ali!}
seriously though, she's extremely hot.
and also scary.
i'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
wears fangs.
gorgeous! {see...i can say nice things.}
and southern!
she'll be sticking around.
raichel. {duimb}
manscaper. {groiss}
she's here for her career.
ashley h.
too early to tell.
no.lisa m.
she wore the ruby, red slippers.
baited womack into paying her an undeserved compliment by telling him that she got broken up with over her huge butt.
=i hate her.
sarah p.
who? marissa.
real cute.
80s skipper.stacey.
except i think this photo makes her look like a stripper.shawntel.
she's a funeral director which in my book makes her awesome.
i feel like this is a bad picture of her.
she was one of my favorites. i think she's staying.melissa.
absolutely not. chantal.
she's the dummy who slapped womack when she got out of her limo.
i know it was scripted and all.
but i still think it was retarded.
she needs to go. if not for the slap, then for the peek-a-boo shoulder shirt.
so there you have it. obviously, judgement calls are a bit premature. but, and this is hard for me to admit, i think this is going to be a good season. lots of pretty people.
also, any bets on how many times harrison can refer to this season as "shocking!", "controversial!" or "dramatic!" ?


Tyler and Megan said...

First of all Jackie is insane. She was way up there with my most hated. I was really disappointed in myself for not counting how many times the words "here for the right reason" came out of people's mouths. Suffice it to say it was A LOT of times. So that is always fun. I hate Chris Harrison more than ever. But I agree that the girls are very pretty and most of them seem to have legitimate jobs, unlike the last round. So that is cool. Biye!

I'm A. said... be honest...I got a bit distracted while watching last night. So I didn't actually listen to Jackie. I just thought she was cute. So I will take your word for it that she is insane. Hopefully she'll give us some good times.

the Baker 4 said...

The fang girl has got to go!!!!

Dustin and Whit said...

he is hot but there is something about him that makes me want to punch him in the face. And also, I understand why he needs to play the overly insecure card, but their is nothing attractive about a guy who acts like a little girl. I do have to say that your commentary is really what makes this show worth watching, thanks for the laughs, I am glad we are friends too :)

Ali said...

A cousin connection? Really? Because Michelle is awesome. After all. She is a real woman... not a little girl. How awesome that she ends up with a black eye (via season sneak preview). Can't wait to hear how that happened and it better not have been a casual incident/accident that they're using as hype.

I like the Southern ladies because I'm a wannabe. Okay, mostly I just jealous of their skinny little bodies.But whatever.

I like Britt, the 80's skipper (so funny)... I like that she likes food.

A manscaper? Oh my gosh. He definitely DID NOT WANT that waxing done.

I'm a fan of the embalmer.

Go ahead an criticize me, but he chose well the first time around. Why prolong a relationship/get engaged when you know they are both not right for you.I wish they would drop the guilt trips, the therapy session reminders, etc.

Madison, the vampire, seems very masculine to me. I have to wonder if the producers get a say in who stays because why on earth he'd want her to stick around is beyond me. I'm rambling... but I am eager to hear your inside utah scoop.

My e-mail is
p.s. the Josh Groban/kanye west video was hilarious

I'm A. said...

Oh my goodness Ali...where to start? I will email you about the cousin connection.

I will NOT criticize you because the more I think about it the more I agree with you. I mean, lets be honest...isn't it exceptionally normal of him to not propose to either of the two girls that he barely knows and isn't in love with? I mean, good grief! Way to go Womack. However, I don't think turning down two reality-show-attention-seeking-you-know-whats should have thrown him into such a depression. And maybe the show is playing it up. But watching girl after girl confront him about it was so obnoxious. I loved all the third degrees he got for it. Sheesh. I also love how they are playing him up as ... 'THE MOST HATED BACHELOR OF ALL TIME!!!' Shut up Harrison. You know who I hate. Bob Guinney, or whatever his name was. *Shudder* Or how about that fisherman guy? Byron. Gag.

I know for a fact that the producers have a say in who stays on the show. I think we would all be a bit shocked to find out how much is actually scripted. You can read about that stuff online. is the best. However he will give away the whole show. But the stuff he writes about that goes on on the show is just horrifying.

Ok. Enough. Why I'm typing all of this here is beyond me. I shall now email you.