Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's the little moments that make me happy...

like when jackie went in for the kiss during the train concert, realized it was bad timing although she had already puckered her lips, so she instead, mid-pucker, decided to start talking to brad about 1 inch from his face so she could pretend she wasn't about to kiss him. awkward! yay! i still like her though.

or the entire conversation between waitress and brad at the rose ceremony where she spent half the time talking about her onion breath. and ripping on other girls. and crying. you could actually see brad recoiling from her in disgust. awkward! yay!

or during the commercial filming when 80's skipper talks about how she just doesn't feel comfortable filming a make out scene on a bed with brad and another girl. so instead of being any sort of classy and telling them she isn't comfortable, she decides to go the opposite route and act like a total skank by making out with him {like, a lot} in front of 20 people. awkward! yay!

but we could talk about awkward moments all day right?

first one on one is with the dentist. she's cute enough in the right light. but why she chose to wear a dress that she undoubtedly found in the teen section of target is beyond me. they enter a deserted carnival through a clowns mouth. cue nightmares for the rest of my life if i was on that date. i don't know about you guys but running around in high heels on grass is my idea of an awesome time.

then the RIDICULOUS token group date where a commercial/music video/porno is filmed while all the girls watch. i freaking hate watching this date. it's boring and beyond stupid. i did, however, enjoy watching keltie cry over the fact that she had to wear flannel plaid and a neck brace.

then the one on one concert date with jackie. seriously, at this point i can predict these retard dates before they even happen. this show doesn't even sort of try for a little variety. jackie is sweet and looked gorg though.

and then the cocktail party. roberto looked hot and ali looked wretch as usual. but what an awesome and completely NOT pointless visit that was! they had such great input...like..."where are you from?" and... "what's your name?"

this cocktail party had lots of shee talking and crying. gag. i was completely sure that waitress and raIchel the manscaper would be sticking around due to the drama that they brought.

but in a miraculous twist of events and the most brilliant moment EVER brad eliminated ALL the crazies which is so unlike this show and made me love brad. seriously, i don't think crying, complaining and acting like a 14-year-old is the best way to win a guys heart.

buh-bye nutters:

and he lied, your breath did stink. i guess raIchel, that the lord didn't care about your stint on the bachelor after all.

my favorites so far:

the single mom never wins. however, usually she probably should, like in emily's instance: and of course we expect good things from fatal attraction here:


Ali said...

Hey did you know that Michelle had a birthday? Did you know she is now thirty? Not 29 or 31 but thir-ty. And yes, I saw that extra wrinkle!

She's great entertainment and super pretty.

Somebody needs to give Kelti a hug. Sure she's not right for Brad, but her exit speech made me sad. As for the other two, I was happy to see them go.

My favorite awkward yay moment:
The kiss scene during the PSA shoot. Stinky breath Melissa bursts in on scene and "shows them how its done." Poor Brad.

Meg said...

You like Shawtawl or however crazy way she spells it? Why? Also, while I liked Jackie's dress her hair looked awful. Those people who did her hair/makeup should be fired. Also...I'm not so sure about her. Undecided yet. I loved that Brad kicked all those crazies off. Tyler and I spent a lot of time pausing the TV trying to decide if Madison's fangs are her real teeth. Tyler has deemed them fake, because if they are real she would have had to shave down all her front teeth to be so short. I might like her. I love Emily and I might like first impression rose girl...not sure. Mostly this show is the very same as always. Its a serious love/hate relationship for me.
Oh and Ty and I love Utah girl. Most fun of them all.

Sarah said...

That is my least fav episode with that lame date. Utah chick is scary. I love that bach+your blog gets me through the winter.

Anonymous said...

That Salt Lake girl is a HOT mess. Ugh, I can't stand her. I also didn't like the dentist, she seemed super fake, but until you mocked her dress, I actually thought it adorable. Until next Monday....

Claire said...

By the way- utah girl, michelle money- was in our old ward with her (now x) husband. And I knew her from elementary school... Needless to say, I am pretty hooked this season.

Dustin and Whit said...

wait... is it michelle's birthday?

Cami Daniels said...

I just have to tell you that your blog got me watching this show and now I'm ADDICTED. Logan thanks you for this.

Shocked that the producers let Brad kick off the two drama crying girls. Glad they're gone though. Emily is also my big-time favorite--she's gorgeous, super-sweet, and appears to be more mature than most of the others (so far). "But can she love again" going to be played out ... can't wait!