Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In my opinion...

hoarders on a&e is THE best that reality tv has to offer. i can't even handle how much i love this show. i love it more than all the sonic diet cokes with pebble ice in the world.

hoarders sucks me in like no other. it is insane and fascinating. last night b and i were watching it on demand and i literally had to get up off the couch and go sit directly in front of the tv, like a foot away, so as not to miss a single thing. i was transfixed. i kept shrieking at b, {quietly cause c was asleep}, "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY EXIST IN THE WORLD!!!"

with the bachelor, etc... you know that so much of it is scripted and faked. and that sort of kills it for me. but hoarders!!!...these people exist just like this! no one is telling them what to say or how to act. this is actually how they act! incredible.

if you have never seen the show, and you don't have a weak stomach, or even if you do, i suggest you start with the newest episode entitled: Hanna/Kathy & Gary

you will not be disappointed.

if you have comcast on demand you can watch it there.
or you can watch it online right here. {go! now!}

literally the best thing i have ever seen on tv. ever.

i was going to post some photos but you better believe that i'm working on an awesome photo board that will really illustrate how intense my love is for this show. so get excited for that. in the meantime, go watch some people who live in a house that is 3 feet deep in bunny poop.

you're welcome.


Dustin and Whit said...

another reason why we get along. Dustin and I have been avid fans for some time now, except I must worn you: the shock value wears off after a while. You will reach the point where you will actually sit through an entire episode without even blinking an eye, hard to believe but its true. My favorite part about this show is how good it makes me feel about myself. No matter how disorganized i am, or how messy my house is, it doesn't come close to the tragic and disasterous state these people are living in, it helps me sleep better at night actually. How wrong is that?

Marcus and Amy said...

I have been tempted to watch it, but really it scares me. But maybe I will give it a try.

I like celebrity rehab w/ Dr Drew...its an addiction that I don't like to admit, but really...celebrities are MESSED UP. And I slightly feel bad for them and all the money they have.

And your baby girl is so so cute!

kliso said...

Speaking of houses, Who wants to see more pictures of A & B's new house?

Tyler and Megan said...

Yes, I would like to see pictures of your house.

And I LOVE this show. Tyler can hardly watch it with me because it makes him ill. But I LOVE it. In a sick sort of way. Tell me to tell you about the hoarder I know...seriously...

Melissa Stringham said...

I have only seen this on Oprah, but I have loved those episodes! What is wrong with these people? Though I am on the opposite spectrum as hoarders as far as collectin junk goes, everytime after I watch the show I feel inspired to de-junk the house. I have seriously gotten rid of so much crap I didn't even know I had because of this show.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Hoarders. It is such a great show. Animal Planet has a show about animal hoarders. It is unreal. Unreal I tell you.