Monday, January 3, 2011

About my inheritance.

as some of you long time readers may know...i stand to inherit a vast fortune when my grandparents leave this earth. {i hope that is no time soon mind you.}


inheritances are tricky things though and i know that there will be a lot of people fighting over the boobcat. because of this there has been a very complicated "process" put into place to make things "more fair". the process is so complicated, however, that no one can figure out how it works. my dad tried to explain it to us at dinner the other night. something about silent auctions and money that comes from other money and then you buy back what you spent and then there are pennies and voting and sadness and kittens?

and then you add the sum of the total and subtract the rest and that equals boobcat?

get it?

yes? no?

all i know is that boocat is mine. if i have to sell everything i own by auctioning it off with pennies for a buy back of eleventy that boobcat will be mine.


it's all very confusing so i gave up trying to understand and just started taking pictures of the chinese lanterns that were hanging everywhere in the japanese restaurant.


Meg said...

Oh man. Boobcat. So good.

Tiffany said...

I don't comment enough, but I adore you. And I have a crush on your baby.

naezandkidz said...

oh my that is some funny stuff...We are some lucky grandkids right????

Trav and Lizzie said...

You're hilarious and I miss your face. Lunch next week? I get back from Guam Thursday!

the Baker 4 said...

Oh Andrea, Did I not tell you That I already have my name on Boobcat...That is my favorite thing ever......So i hope you have ALOT of money...LOL

Lizzie Jones said...

This might be your best post ever.

liz said...

hahaha.. i am rolling. boobcat is pretty special.