Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 Movies

having a bebe really cuts into movie theater attendance. however, being pregnant in the sweltering heat of a utah summer finds you in movie theaters pretty much every, other day. even so, i know we saw way less movies this year than usual. thank goodness for netflix. here are my lists based off of what i did see in 2010...

most favorite movies from 2010:
-shutter island
-the social network
-toy story 3
-true grit
-the town

runners-up? runner-ups? hmm:
-easy a
-dinner for schmucks
-morning glory
-green zone
-next three days

enjoyable enough movies from 2010:
-the a team
-the crazies
-date night
-ramona and beezus
-the other guys
-how do you know
-iron man 2
-edge of darkness

least favorite movies from 2010:
-the lovely bones
-when in rome
-eat pray love
-harry potter and the deathly halllllooo...zzzzzzz
-the tourist {so boring! even with angelina jolie and johnny depp}

the most disturbing movie from 2010:
-the human centipede {don't even look this one up. it haunted my dreams for weeks. it's like the perfect storm when i watch this crap...c is taking a nap, netflix instant exists, my work system is down and therefore i'm bored. and BAM! i'm watching disturbing foreign films on my laptop.}

movies i'd still like to see: {the *'d ones i'm pretty sure would have made the favorite or almost favorite lists if i had gotten around to seeing them yet.}
-get him to the greek*
-sex and the city 2
-karate kid
-twilight:eclipse {shh. i know.}
-despicable me
-piranha 3D*
-wall street 2
-let me in*
-it's kind of a funny story
-life as we know it
-the switch
-you again
-the kings speech*
-black swan*
-gullivers travels
-cop out
-how to train your dragon
-127 hours*
-the fighter*

and what i will never see, even if someone pays me:
-little fockers {not in a quadrillion years}
-rabbit hole {a movie about your kid dying...ummm no}
-country strong {this didn't even come out in 2010 but i'm still putting it on the list because i feel that strongly about NOT seeing this. ever.}
-vampire sucks

so what's on your lists?


kliso said...

Come on A. Go see country Strong with me.

Meg said...

I don't know if I can even list 5 movies I know the name of...errr...yeah. Okay I am not that bad...but pretty close.

Meg said...
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Marcus and Amy said...

We are going to see True Grit this weekend - I am pretty excited. We just watched the old John Wayne version on Saturday. And we were thinking about seeing the Tourist...but maybe we will just rent it.

I heard that Black Swan was messed up...I don't know - you decide...

And yes I would have to agree that having kids cuts into movie time...BIG TIME! I have really missed seeing movies this year too.

Reno said...

Please please please do not see Sex and the City 2. It is the worst movie I saw in 2010 by a long shot. I watched it on a plane and I still wish I would have just stared at the back of a headrest.