Friday, December 31, 2010

What a year!

my new years resolutions last year for 2010 were...

01. complain less
02. stop talking shee
03. eat less meat
04. read more books

let's see how we did shall we?

01. fail
02. fail
03. epic fail
04. thanks to receiving a kindle for christmas last year and then getting pregnant i read WAY more books than i have in a long time. yay! did not fail!

overall, not so good people. not so good.

this year i'm recommitting myself. I WILL...

01. complain less
02. speak kindly

but let's be honest...i'm never going to eat less meat. so i'm going with...

03. be healthier
and lastly
04. be more home-y...which is my way of saying cook more, clean more, buy a lovely smelling candle, wash our underwear on a regular basis...those sorts of things.

that list is going on the fridge! i mean business!

even though i mostly failed with last years resolutions, we did have an INCREDIBLE year. we have so much to be grateful for. i can't stop saying silent thank yous in my heart.

we got pregnant.

i went to new york with my mom and sarser.

we had a precious baby girl who lights up our lives.

we took our first vacation as a family of 3 to portland for thanksgiving.

we bought some ground and...

began construction on our first home.

life is good and i can't wait to see what next year brings!

happy 2011! we love you all!


Tyler and Megan said...

Those are some good goals. I don't really do goals. Maybe I will try. I think you should have another goal to come to Portland again soon. Kee?

Marcus and Amy said...

Awesome year! I made my list too, laminated it and put in on the fridge...I am sticking to them this year!

Happy new year!

My Studio News said...

Happy New Year !!!
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