Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goodbye financial freedom. Hello above ground dwelling.

do you guys know that we have been living in my grandparetns basement apartment for over two years? we have. and it has been hard. but what it has also been is an enormous blessing that allowed us to save almost the entirety of every paycheck we have earned for those last two years.
last year i got fed up with the basement and decided it was time to start house hunting. b told me it absolutely was not time to start house hunting. so we decided that i would house hunt and he would not. {i was planning on finding the perfect house that had tons of charm and curb appeal and space and a big yard and it would be in our budget and a perma-rainbow would streak across the sky over the roof and b would instantly fall in love with it and we would buy it and move in and it would be wonderful and perfect and yeah.} so...every, single, week for over a year i looked at houses in holladay, millcreek and sugarhouse with the world's most patient real estate agent {more on him in a bit}.
in those areas you get a little for a lot...meaning...that for a huge sum of money you can purchase a piece of shee, 800 sq. foot home that needs some major remodeling before the home is even livable.
every once in a while i would stumble upon something that was perhaps a bit better than everything i had seen in the past 6 months. and i would say, "yeah, this is do-able." (because when you are spending your savings on a home the word you want to use to describe that home is not 'charming' or 'spacious' or 'homey' but 'do-able'. excitedly, the realtor and i would bring b to come check it out to which his response was always ... "are you freaking kidding me with this?" and then i would cry and freak out because i wanted to own a home, OUR home, and move out of the basement we had been living in for over 2 years and he would say... "do you really want to spend our savings on a dump?" and i would agree that no i did not. so then i would go back to house hunting with the world's most patient realtor and the vicious cycle would repeat.
i was beginning to think that buying a home in the holladay/millcreek/sugarhouse area was just not in the cards for us. so i started resigning myself to the fact that we were going to have to start searching a bit west *shudder*. (kidding people that live west!) seriously though, my heart was in holladay and the idea of starting over and searching in a different area was very disheartening. plus, i grew up in holladay. our families live in holladay. i wanted holladay.
* day about 3 months ago i was on another weekly house hunt with the world's most patient realtor when he drove me by a lot. a lot in holladay. lots in holladay usually START at around $150,000. i know. i looked at all of them. we even put some offers down on lots. and then we got our faces laughed at because we weren't offering full price. so anyways, that day we happened to drive by a lot and when the world's most patient realtor told me the price, which had been dropped THAT DAY, i did the following this order...
1-repeated the price in my most incredulous voice about twenty times
2-peed my pants
3-sent b a text message with the deets to which he responded "buy now"
4-put down an offer without ever having stepped foot on it
5-found out our offer was accepted literally hours before more offers came in
6-jumped around my living room crying and freaking out and screaming hallelujah
i will spare you the details of how almost nearly impossible it is to get a construction loan AND a home loan and get a building permit but first figuring out what house will fit on the ground and buying plans and back-and-forthing with a bunch of builders who just want to screw you out of money and on and on and on.
the important part is...yesterday we closed. tomorrow we clear the land. and monday we dig a hole that will begin construction on our first home.
we feel so blessed. so lucky. so overjoyed and excited.
and i think the moral of the story is this...when searching for a home don't compromise! and don't give up. patience and time will pay off! what will also pay off is employing the worlds most patient realtor. seriously, this man will search and search and search and never pressure you to buy. he's completely honest...totally above reproach. and so stinkin nice. best. realtor. ever.
and if you need a builder...hire ed. he's the freakin man. and we would know because we talked to SO MANY builders. so, so many builders.
so here we go! we are building a house! which should be an interesting journey. and you have no idea how many people have told us about all the marriages that end in divorce over home building. poor b. pray for my marriage. amen.
b with our house plans:

this is us the day we closed. those papers in my hands signify the end of our financial freedom.

and here we are tonight standing on our lot.


aimee said...

Very exciting. I can't wait to get into a house someday too. Super fun to build your own too. Good luck.

Happy you got your dream in Holladay too.

Ali said...


So excited for you guys!

Meg said...

It looks awesome! I cannot wait to see it in person! I am so incredibly excited for you, and also somewhat jealous. But mostly excited for you.
And I love babee kitty hat/gloves combo.

Barb @ getupandplay said...


Jen said...

Woo Hoo! Is that lot across the street from a church building? If so I bet it is in my Grandma's ward! So excited for you!

Dustin and Whit said...

yea!!! That is SO SO exciting, Dustin and I really appreciated this post because we can relate on so many levels! It gave us hope that there is something for us out there someday that isn't a total dump. Congrats, its going to be awesome!

kl said...

Congrats! But personally, I still think you should've waited 5 more years and paid for it in cash!! LOL. I'm such a downer on your party! Just delete my comment!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Looks like a beautiful lot!

Heather Harman said...

Wow!!! So exciting!!!! Where is this lot??

Anonymous said...

WOW...we totally looked at the house directly to the east of that lot and considered buying the house AND the lot....glad we didn't so now you can build your dream home :)