Friday, October 8, 2010

Deep thoughts.

the best part about owning my own baby is that i can kiss her on the lips whenever i feel like it. and that's a lot. i've always wanted to kiss other peoples babies on the lips but never did. good thing though because now that i have my own baby i would be totally bugged and disgusted if someone besides me kissed my baby on the lips. and i feel like c owes it to me anyway after 9 months of the worst pregnancy, labor and delivery in the history of earth. ahem.
also...i got a plastic birth control rod placed in my arm. see: {you should have seen this last was nast.}
so we won't be owning any more babies anytime soon.
our besties, emily and miles, just moved across the country. boo. we will miss them. we had one last dinner at porcupine before they left and i grabbed a shot of c and fury for posterity. im excited to watch these two bebes grow and be best buddies.
and here are a couple of c crying because i find it adorable when she cries.
as of monday my works-from-home-full-time husband will be temporarily going into the office. we aren't sure for how long yet. i'm not going to lie...i'm scared. how lame am i? very. i know. it's just that we have been tag-teaming this whole baby/working from home/masters program/church callings/house hunting/etc thing for a while. now i'm going to be riding solo. i think all you mommies out there who do this alone everyday, all day, are rockstars. and you mommies who do it all AND go to work. eesh. amazing.
anyone know how to get rid of stretch marks and saggy, post-c-section, tummy? ugh!!!
sorry fellas, this sexy lady is taken!
lastly, is anyone else in love with the new craig swapp commercials?
"one call...for JUSTICE."
i guess keith barton finally won his case and they can no longer steal "one call...that's all."
too bad for them because "one call...that's all" is probably the best slogan of all time. "one call...for JUSTICE" just sucks. but also makes me happy inside. and i'm pretty sure no one knows what i'm talking about so here...look:


Meg said...

haha funny sarser. i like that you own a baby. she is looking older and it makes me sad. get to portland! now!

Marcus and Amy said...

She is so cute!!! I was so proud when I taught Addie to kiss me on the lips - her open mouth and all! So cute!

I like that nail polish you are wearing too!

I was a nervous wreck when Marc went back to work. He had 2 weeks with me after we brought Addie home and I felt the same way. just do it! And there are days that are easy and days that are hard. And the hard days, when hubby gets home, you hand her off to hubby!

And when you find the cure for those stretch marks...let me know!

city girl said...

Too cute!

Heather Harman said...

I love kissing Claire on the lips! Must be a Mom thing or something! She is so stinkin cute, hopefully we run into you guys again soon!

Melissa Stringham said...

Sorry there is really no way to get rid of stretch marks, so don't waste your money on any creams or anything. There is one laser treatment at a derms office that lightens them, but you have to catch them while they are still purple for it to work, or so I've heard. The good news is that the redness fades, and who wants to wear a bikini anyway, right?

The flabbiness sort of goes away with diet and exercise, but nothing will ever be the same. Ah, the effects of the fall.

Anne, Ryan, Emily and McCoy said...

I remember feeling the same way when Ryan went back to work after having Emily. You can totally do it. P.S. Ryan's sister is married to Craig Swapp's brother. Not that I'm defending him because any slogan for a personal injury lawyer will suck, but Craig Swapp wants to distance himself from Keith Barton, hence the change in slogan. A little bit of trivia for you ;) (I know - I'm lame).